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The SAGE Handbook of European Studies

The SAGE Handbook of European Studies

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June 2009 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"This volume brings together some of the biggest names in European Studies to analyse the most important trajectories of Europe's development and the challenges faced by the continent today. No one interested in Europe will be able to ignore this extraordinary collection of scholarship."
- Professor Thomas Diez, University of Birmingham

"In its range and comprehensiveness it will be hard to beat; and it will certainly become an invaluable resource for sociologists, political scientists, historians and all others seeking the best information and most up-to-the-date approaches to the study of Europe today."
- Professor Krishan Kumar, University of Virginia

"An impressive account of the state of the art of the study of contemporary Europe... This is an outstanding work and a definite companion to all those interested in contemporary Europe."
- Journal of Contemporary European Studies

Europe is one of the world's oldest civilizations. But what does it mean to be European today? What place does Europe have in global affairs? How should we analyze its key institutions, system of governance and broader cultural, social and political dynamics? This exhaustive and timely handbook:

  • Explores the transformations that characterize contemporary Europe
  • Investigates how we can best study Europe
  • Consolidates European studies and provides a platform for future study
  • Increases the profile of European studies.

The Handbookpromotes the increasing diversity of perspectives employed in the study of contemporary Europe and EU integration and is situated within the context of Europe's transformations. It offers balanced coverage of political, social, economic, cultural and institutional dimensions of Europe, and includes chapters by leading authorities including Ulrich Beck, Craigh Calhoun, Donatella della Porta, Claus Offe, Anssi Paasi, Ben Rosamond, Gurminder Bhambra and Charles Tilly.

Multidisciplinary in organization, inclusive in coverage and cutting-edge in scope, The SAGE Handbook of European Studies is a landmark resource for anyone interested in Europe. 


Introduction: The Shifting Terrain of European Studies

Chris Rumford
Europe Transformed, 1945 - 2000

Charles Tilly
The European Heritage: History, Memory and Time

Gerard Delanty
Europe beyond East and West

William Outhwaite
Postcolonial Europe: Or, Understanding Europe in Times of the Post-Colonial

Gurminder K Bhambra
Supranational Governance

Ben Rosamond
National Interests

Jeffrey Lewis

Michelle Egan
Law and Justice

Lisa Conant
A Question of Democracy, or, Facing up to the Future of Europe

Dimitris N Chryssochoou
Competing Visions of European Union

Craig Parsons
Enlargement and the Meaning of Europe

John McCormick
Uses and Abuses of the Concept of Integration

Philomena Murray
Economic Growth and Global Competitiveness

Amy Verdun
Agricultural Policy and Protectionism

Wyn Grant
Europe and Global Governance

Jose Magone
The Geopolitics of European Freedom and Security

John Agnew
Nationalism and Transnationalism

Victor Roudometof
Migration, Minorities, Marginality: New Directions in European Research

Franck Duvell
Citizenship, Deomocracy and the Public Sphere

John Erik Fossum
Social Movements

Donatella della Porta
Multiculturalism and Public Culture: A Historical Critique

Nick Stevenson
Religion: Towards a Post-Secular Europe?

Effie Fokas
The Welfare State in an Enlarged European Union

Susanne Fuchs and Claus Offe
Cities and Territorial Competitiveness

Neil Brenner
Regions and Regional Dynamics

Anssi Paasi

William Walters
An Intellectual Homeland: Governing Mobilities and Space in European Education

Martin Lawn
Network Europe and Information Society

Barrie Axford
Reconciling EU and European Studies: Historical Perspectives on Regional Integration

Francis McGowan
Normative Power Europe: A trans-Disciplinary Approach to European Studies

Ian Manners
Europe as a Post-Emotional Idea

Stjepan Mestrovic
Understanding the Real Europe: A Cosmopolitanism Vision

Ulrich Beck
The Mountain Comes to Muhammad: Global Islam in Provincial Europe

Faisal Devji
Cosmopolitan Europe and European Studies

Craig Calhoun

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ISBN: 9781412933957

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