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The SAGE Dictionary of Sociology

The SAGE Dictionary of Sociology

First Edition

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Sociology (General)

January 2006 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"Undoubtedly the most accessible, readable and downright interesting - even amusing - dictionary of its type. In being all of those things - and more - the dictionary does not sacrifice on quality. There are many well-chosen entries and they are quite informative. A useful addition to any scholar's library while at the same time being an excellent resource for both graduate and undergraduate students"
- George Ritzer, University of Maryland

 "This is a delightful and comprehensive dictionary. The authors write in an engaging and lively style that brings alive the ideas of sociology not only for existing practitioners, but also for a whole new generation of students"
- Tim May, University of Salford

 With over 1000 entries on key concepts and theorists, The SAGE Dictionary of Sociology provides full coverage of the field, clarifying the technical use of apparently common words, explaining the fundamental concepts and introducing new and unfamiliar terms. This book provides:

  • authoritative, reliable definitions
  • accessible 'digests' of key arguments
  • contemporary, appealing illustrations of points
  • readability.

 This is not just another dry guide to the discipline. Engagingly written with its audience firmly in mind, it will be the definitive and chosen companion to established textbooks and teaching materials in sociology.

This nice dictionary is useful not only in the course I planned to use it (and did), but in many other courses in sociology, too. It is even interesting for advanced scholars, and, as also one reviewer cited on the cover blurb said, it is sometimes even amusing.

Dr Christian Dayé
Sociology , University of Graz
July 14, 2011

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