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The Public Speaking Playbook

The Public Speaking Playbook

Fourth Edition

November 2022 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Public Speaking Playbook coaches students to prepare, practice, and present speeches—whether in the classroom, public sphere, or in a virtual setting. Authors Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble employ an interactive approach to building skills through various exercises that allow students to practice and improve their public speaking. Features such as objectives, coaching tips, and new self-assessments in each section further aids student success and reinforces key competencies. The Fourth Edition makes this text more relevant, timely, and engaging with increased coverage of recent events and a focus on improving virtual presentation skills.

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PART ONE: Get Ready to Speak Confidently
Chapter 1: You Can Speak Confidently
Chapter 2: Public Speaking in a Connected World: Inclusion, Ethics, and Critical Thinking
PART TWO: Listen and Adapt
Chapter 3: Mindful Listening
Chapter 4: Analyzing and Adapting to the Audience
PART THREE: Topic and Research
Chapter 5: Selecting a Topic and Purpose
Chapter 6: Finding and Evaluating Research for Your Speech
Chapter 7: Integrating Support
PART FOUR: Organize and Outline
Chapter 8: Organizing the Main Points of Your Speech
Chapter 9: Outlining Your Speech
PART FIVE: Present Your Speech
Chapter 10: Beginning and Ending Your Speech
Chapter 11: Wording the Speech
Chapter 12: Delivery Modes and Practice
Chapter 13: Delivering Your Speech: Nonverbal Messages Matter
Chapter 14: Using Presentation Aids
PART SIX: Informative Presentations
Chapter 15: Speaking to Inform
PART SEVEN: Speaking to Persuade
Chapter 16: Prepare to Persuade
Chapter 17: Methods of Persuasion
PART EIGHT: Specialized Speaking Contexts
Chapter 18: Communicating and Presenting in Small Groups
Chapter 19: Special Occasion Speeches
Chapter 20: Business and Professional Speaking
Chapter 21: Storytelling
Chapter 22: Presenting in Classes Beyond the Public Speaking Course (online)
Chapter 23: Presenting Online
Chapter 24: Answering Questions: Preparing for and Managing the Q&A (online)


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