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The Presidency and the Political System

The Presidency and the Political System

Eleventh Edition

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May 2018 | 584 pages | CQ Press

“An excellent introduction for students to the key theories and approaches political scientists use to study the presidency.”

—Bryan McQuide, Grand View University

Written by top-notch presidency scholars and carefully edited into a text-reader format, The Presidency and the Political System, Eleventh Edition showcases a collection of original essays focused on a range of topics, institutions, and issues relevant to understanding the American presidency. Author Michael Nelson rigorously edits each contribution to present students with a set of analytical yet accessible chapters and contextual headnotes introducing each essay. Students will read about different approaches to studying the presidency, the elements of presidential power, presidential selection, presidents and politics, and presidents and government. The highly anticipated Eleventh Edition of this text fully incorporates coverage of Obama's second term and the major shifts represented by the new Trump administration. 

Part I: Approaches to the Presidency
Jeffrey K. Tulis
Chapter 1: The Two Constitutional Presidencies
Lyn Ragsdale
Chapter 2: Studying the Presidency: Why Presidents Need Political Scientists
Part II: Elements of Presidential Power
Stephen Skowronek
Chapter 3: The Development of Presidential Power: Conservative Insurgency and Constitutional Construction
Marc Landy and Sidney M. Milkis
Chapter 4: The Presidency in History
Paul J. Quirk
Chapter 5: Presidential Competence
Michael Nelson
Chapter 6: The Psychological Presidency
Part III: Presidential Selection
Lara M. Brown
Chapter 7: The Presidency and the Nominating Process: Aspirants, Parties, and Selections
George C. Edwards III
Chapter 8: The Faulty Premises of the Electoral College
Part IV: Presidents and Politics
Bruce Miroff
Chapter 9: The Presidential Spectacle
Majorie Randon Hershey
Chapter 10: The President and the Media: The Case of Donald Trump
Daniel J. Tichenor
Chapter 11: The Presidency and Interest Groups: Allies, Adversaries, and Policy Leadership
Sidney M. Milkis
Chapter 12: The Presidency and Political Parties
Part V: Presidents and Government
John P. Burke
Chapter 13: The Institutional Presidency
David E. Lewis and Terry M. Moe
Chapter 14: The Presidency and the Bureaucracy
Matthew J. Dickinson
Chapter 15: The President and Congress
David A. Yalof
Chapter 16: The Presidency and the Judiciary
Andrew Rudalevige
Chapter 17: The Presidency and Unilateral Power: A Taxonomy
Part VI: Presidents and Public Policy
Roger B. Porter
Chapter 18: The Three Presidencies: Power and Policy
Andrew J. Polsky
Chapter 19: The Presidency at War: The Limits of Agency in Wartime Presidential Leadership
Michael Nelson
Chapter 20: The Firing, Retiring, and Expiring of Presidents: Impeachment, Disability, Resignation, and Death from the Constitutional Convention to Donald Trump

“An excellent introduction for students to the key theories and approaches political scientists use to study the presidency.”

Bryan McQuide
Grand View University

“Successfully balances both historical and political science perspectives on the growth and current operation of the presidency.”

Ashley Moraguez
University of North Carolina, Asheville

The Presidency and the Political System will challenge students to raise their analytical abilities, while providing them with new insights for thinking about the contemporary presidency.”

Scott Spitzer
California State University, Fullerton

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