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The Practice Educator's Handbook

The Practice Educator's Handbook

Fourth Edition

March 2019 | 232 pages | Learning Matters
This highly engaging book provides invaluable guidance and support to social workers by challenging them to take a critical, evidence-informed approach to their thinking and practice. This easy-to-read book has been updated to include new developments in social work education, with a new chapter on building effective supervisory relationships with learners. 
Chapter 1: Practice educators and work-based learning
Part One: Domain A: Organise opportunities for the demonstration of assessed competence in practice
Chapter 2: Managing learning: taking a partnership approach
Chapter 3: Effective planning and preparation (Element 1)
Chapter 4: Organising learning (Elements 2–7)
Part Two: Domain B: Enable learning and professional development in practice
Chapter 5: Understanding learners
Chapter 6: Developing learning objectives
Chapter 7: Considering learning theories
Chapter 8: Designing learning opportunities
Part Three: Domain C: Manage the assessment of learners in practice
Chapter Understanding the assessment of social work practice
Chapter 10: The assessment process
Chapter 11: Assessment methods and their use in the workplace
Part Four: Applying learning from Domains A–C to address challenging practice situations
Chapter 12: Applying learning from Domains A–C to develop an effective supervisory relationship
Chapter 13: Applying learning from Domains A–C to support the development of resilience in learners
Chapter 14: Applying learning from Domains A–C when working in marginal or failing placements
Part Five: Domain D: Effective continuing performance as a practice educator
Chapter 15: Continuing learning and development

An essential book in relation to understanding the complexities for practice educators and enhancing the social work experience on placement. ,

Mrs Toni Benaton
Britannia Mill Campus, Derby University
February 20, 2019

This text is very relevant for the practice teacher and those undertaking support for students in practice learning.

Mrs Sheila Slesser
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Robert Gordon University
February 7, 2019