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The Politics of Gun Control

The Politics of Gun Control

Fourth Edition

July 2007 | 174 pages | CQ Press
The Politics of Gun Control is a gem: the unique case study that delves into a controversial topic students know something about--or at least have an opinion on--while raising important issues and questions about how the American political system works. Now in its fourth edition, this authoritative and fair-minded analysis of the gun control debate in the United States analyzes every important aspect of the controversy, including its history; the Constitutional right to bear arms; the criminological consequences of guns; and the role and impact of American governing institutions, interest groups, political parties, public opinion, and more. This fourth edition incorporates new research on the pro-gun control movement, the lapse of the assault weapons ban, Congress&BAD:rsquo;s enactment of liability protection for gun manufacturers, and renewed efforts to expand gun carrying and gun use at the state level, including, most importantly, the enactment of &BAD:ldquo;shoot first&BAD:rdquo; laws in over a dozen states. Whether it is used in American politics or public policy courses, this case study provides an engaging and clear-minded look at one of the most enduringly contentious and compelling issues in American politics.

Recommended as an additional book when students for instance write a paper on certain political aspects or fields.

Ms Emilia Mantadakis
Department of Political Science, Maastricht University
February 4, 2016

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ISBN: 9780872894174