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The New Sociology of Scotland

The New Sociology of Scotland

March 2017 | 736 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written by a leading sociologist of Scotland, this ground-breaking new introduction is a comprehensive account of the social, political, economic and cultural processes at work in contemporary Scottish society.

At a time of major uncertainty and transformation The New Sociology of Scotland explores every aspect of Scottish life. Placed firmly in the context of globalisation, the text:

  • examines a broad range of topics including race and ethnicity, social inequality, national identity, health, class, education, sport, media and culture, among many others.  
  • looks at the ramifications of recent political events such as British General Election of 2015, the Scottish parliament election of May 2016, and the Brexit referendum of June 2016.
  • uses learning features such as further reading and discussion questions to stimulate students to engage critically with issues raised.

Written in a lucid and accessible style, The New Sociology of Scotland is an indispensable guide for students of sociology and politics. 

When Was Scotland?
Making Modern Scotland: The Story of the Twentieth Century
What is Scotland?
Scotland's People
The Scottish Way of Death
Who Runs Scotland?
Inequality, Poverty and Power
Making a Living
Social Class and Social Opportunity
Scottish Education and Scottish Society - Lindsay Paterson
Gendering Scotland
Social Order: Crime and Justice in Scotland - Susan McVie
'Race' and Ethnicity in Scotland
Religion: Have Scots Become Godless People? - Steve Bruce
Belonging: Placing People
'Nothing But Heather': Scotland as Country
Wilful Fragments: Charactersing Scottish Culture
National Identity: Who Do We Think We Are?
Politics and National Identity
'My Granny was a Mctavish': Claiming Diaspora Identity
Playing for the Nation
Seeing Ourselves: The Media in Scotland
Scotland and Stuff: The Sociology of Consumption and Life style
Scotland and the World
Appendix: Timeline, 1900-2016

This masterly book  is the vital text for understanding contemporary Scotland. It is comprehensive in treatment, convincing in argument and a most accessible read.

Professor Sir Tom Devine
University of Edinburgh

The book is utterly marvellous: wonderfully clear and amazingly comprehensive.

John Hall
McGill University

Effortlessly understands the myriad of social influences and historical complexities that make up modern day Scotland.

Chris Yuill
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

David McCrone has written an expertly-judged and thought-provoking book. He situates Scotland within a sociological imagination that will prove vital for the orientation of a small nation through the turbulence of the twenty-first century. Its predecessor Understanding Scotland virtually invented the sociology of Scotland from scratch more than a quarter of a century ago. This time around, The New Sociology of Scotland has radically upped the stakes. It is packed with fundamental issues and illuminating examples, ranging from power, inequality, crime, culture, through to how we belong in different ways to local, national and global communities. As the world appears to become more uncertain and unpredictable, this will become the essential guide for all students of the political, economic and social processes transforming contemporary Scotland.

Alex Law
Abertay University

 This is a monumental achievement. It is the definitive account of modern Scotland but its significance goes beyond this. David McCrone’s theoretically sophisticated book will become a classic analysis of how modernity plays out in specific places with their own histories, cultures and politics.

Michael Keating
University of Aberdeen

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