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The Neurodiversity Handbook for Trainee Teachers

The Neurodiversity Handbook for Trainee Teachers

August 2023 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Considering a neurodivergent world is vital in society today, and even more so in the classroom. This book will support your knowledge and development as a trainee teacher so you can better understand the complexities of working with neurodivergent pupils. Starting with a model of difference rather than deficit, this book will guide trainee teachers to understand neurodiversity within the classroom, providing strategies which aim to support their students. 

Dr Sarah Alix is Initial Teacher Training Programme Director with the Sigma Trust

Chapter 1: Introduction To Neurodiversity; Why Is It Important To Understand And Support Neurodivergent Pupils In School?
Part 1: The Emerging Trainee Teacher
Chapter 2: The Classroom Environment In A Neurodivergent World
Chapter 3: Behaviour Management And Neurodivergent Pupils
Part 2: The Established Trainee Teacher
Chapter 4: Pupil Well-Being And Neurodiversity
Chapter 5: The Assessment Needs Of Neurodivergent Pupils
Part 3: The Embedded Trainee Teacher
Chapter 6: Supporting Progression Of Neurodivergent Pupils
Chapter 7: Working Collaboratively To Support Neurodivergent Pupils
Part 4: The Enhanced Trainee Teacher
Chapter 8: Working With Neurodiversity In The Classroom As An Early Career Teacher (ECT)

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