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The Needs Assessment Kit

The Needs Assessment Kit

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April 2010 | SAGE Publications, Inc
This kit is a set of 5 interrelated and sequenced books that take the reader through the needs assessment (NA) process. These volumes explain how to implement an assessment and explain how to identify and prioritize needs.

Book 1 Needs Assessment, An Overview

- This book serves as the guiding framework for the other four books in the Kit.

Book 2 Phase 1, Preassessment (Getting the Process Started)

- This book focuses on numerous approaches for starting a meaningful needs assessment.

Book 3 Phase 2, Assessment (Collecting Data)

- This book describes in depth the five most common instruments and strategies of needs assessment.

Book 4 Phase 2, Assessment (Analysis and Prioritization)

- This book explores how to analyze and combine qualitative and quantitative data and how to put results together.

Book 5 Phase 3, Post assessment (Planning for Action and Evaluating the Needs Assessment)

- This book takes the reader through a journey of getting results utilized and then evaluating the needs assessment itself.

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ISBN: 9780761925958