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The Move to Community Policing

The Move to Community Policing
Making Change Happen

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March 2002 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Community policing continues to be of great interest to policy makers, scholars and, of course, local police agencies. Successfully achieving the transformation from a traditional policing model to community policing can be difficult. This book aims to illuminate the path to make that change as easy as possible. Morash and Ford have produced a contributed anthology with original articles from a variety of well-known researchers, police trainers and leaders.

They focus on:

· Recent research for developing data systems to shape police reform

· Changing the police culture to implement community policing

· Creating partnership strategies within police organizations and between police and community groups for successful community policing

· Anticipating future challenges

J. Kevin Ford, Merry Morash
1. Transforming Police Organizations
Part I. Developing Data-Driven Systems
Cori A. Davis, J. Kevin Ford
2. Using Assessment Tools to Jump-Start the Move to Community Policing
Michael D. Reisig
3. Citizen Input and Police Service: Moving Beyond the "Feel Good" Community Survey
Andrew L. Giacomazzi, Edmund F. McGarrell
4. Using Multiple Methods in Community Crime Prevention and Community-Policing Research: The Case of Project ROAR
Part II. Changing the Police Culture
Stephen D. Mastrofski, James J. Willis, Jefrey B. Snipes
5. Styles of Patrol in a Community Police Context
Mark E. Alley, Elizabeth M. Bonello, Joseph A. Schafer
6. Dual Responsibilities: A Model for Immersing Midlevel Managers in Community Policing
J. Kevin ford
7. Organizational Change and Development: Fundamental Principles, Core Dilemmas, and Leadership Challenges in the Move Toward a Community-Policing Strategy
Part III. Creating Patnerships
Michael J. Polzin, Julie L. Brockman
8. Focus on Internal Partnerships: A Framework for Implementing Community Policing in a Unionized Department
Merry Morash, Amanda L. Robinson
9. The Nexus of community Policing and domestic Violence
Audrey Z. Martini, Monique Fields, Tracey Goss McGinley, Amanda L. robinson, Merry Morash
10. Action Research for community-Oriented Policing and Comprehensive School safety Planning
Mark E. Correia
11. Social Capital, Collective Action, and Community Policing: A Case Study in Sioux city, Iowa
Part IV. Dealing With Ongoing Challenges
Joseph A. Schafer
12. The Challenge of Effective Organizational Change: Lessons Learned in Community-Policing Implementation
David L. Carter
13. Reflections on the Move to Community Policing
Merry Morash, J. Kevin Ford, Jane P. White, Jerome g. Boles III
14. Directing the Future of Community-Policing Initiatives
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I useful book covering much of our programme.
I am still looking through it but will definately be recommending it to our students.

Mrs Jane Owens
Department of Law and Criminal Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University
January 15, 2015

Relatd to American policing

Ms Anne Eason
School of Social Studies, Northampton University
June 8, 2012

The COPPS comunity policing and problem -solving adaptations are included in this text book and it gives the victimology students a look at where policing may be headed in the near future. I think it has a companion web site to assist the Instructor.

Ms Yolanda Greene-allen-boggs
alternative counseling and abuse, UCO of muller in bethany
May 7, 2012

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