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The Minimum Core for Numeracy: Audit and Test

The Minimum Core for Numeracy: Audit and Test

First Edition

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July 2009 | 96 pages | Learning Matters
This book supports trainee teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector in the assessment of their numeracy knowledge. A self-audit section is included to help trainees understand their level of competence and confidence in numeracy and will help them identify any gaps in their knowledge and skills. This is followed by exercises and activities to support and enhance learning. The book covers all the content of the LLUK standards for the minimum core for numeracy. Coverage and assessment of the minimum core have to be embedded in all Certificate and Diploma courses leading to QTLS and ATLS status.
Why do Trainee Teachers need to meet the Minimum Core Requirements?
Skills audit
Shape and space
Handling data
Extracts from the Minimum Core Numeracy Framework
Answers to key questions