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The Language and Politics of Exclusion

The Language and Politics of Exclusion
Others in Discourse

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Volume: 25
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Discourse Analysis

May 1997 | 301 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume brings together articles that apply critical discourse analysis to texts and speech which contribute to the marginalizaton of minority groups. Studying both the fine detail of language use and the political values implicated by word choice, the contributors demonstrate the usefulness of linguistic perspectives in advancing the study of prejudice and social inequality.

Journalists and academics can contribute unwittingly to the marginalization and denigration of others. A better understanding of the ways in which discourses operate might contribute to the more efficient self-monitoring on the part of any writer. This book's in-depth look into the issue helps lead the way.

Stephen Harold Riggins
The Rhetoric of Othering
Teun A van Dijk
Political Discourse and Racism
Describing Others in Western Parliaments

Ruth Wodak
'Das Ausland' and Antisemitic Discourse
The Discursive Construction of the Other

Teresa Carbó
Who Are They? The Rhetoric of Institutional Policies towards the Indigenous Population of Post-Revolutionary Mexico
Jane Helleiner and Bohdan Szuchewycz
Discourses of Exclusion
The Irish Press and the Travelling People

Philomena Essed
Racial Intimidation
Socio-Political Implications of the Usage of Racist Slurs

Karim H Karim
The Historical Resilience of Primary Stereotypes
Core Images of the Muslim Other

Michael Hoechsmann
Benetton Culture
Marketing Difference to the New Global Consumer

George J Sefa Dei
Afrocentricity and Inclusive Curriculum
Is There a Connection or a Contradiction?

William E Conklin
The Assimilation of the Other within a Master Discourse
Roxanne Rimstead
Subverting Poor Me
Negative Constructions of Identity in Poor and Working-Class Women's Autobiographies


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