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The Journal of Psychiatry & Law

The Journal of Psychiatry & Law

Eric Y. Drogin Harvard Medical School, USA

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Law (General) | Psychiatry

eISSN: 21631794 | ISSN: 00931853 Frequency: Quarterly
The Journal of Psychiatry & Law provides research-based, practice-oriented support for the scholarly and professional endeavors of psychiatrists and lawyers.

The Journal of Psychiatry & Law provides research-based, practice-oriented support for the scholarly and professional endeavors of psychiatrists and lawyers.

Editor-in-Chief & Commentator
Eric Y. Drogin Harvard Medical School, USA
Associate Editor
Nicole Foubister New York University School of Medicine, USA
International Editor
John R. Williams Aberystwyth University, UK
Book Section Editors
Carrie G. Basas University of Akron School of Law, USA
Daniel P. Greenfield Seton Hall University, USA
Copy Editor
Editorial Board
Kenneth J. Weiss (Chair) Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
William J. Edwards Los Angeles County Public Defender Office, USA
Nicole Foubister New York University School of Medicine, USA
Liza H. Gold Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA
Thomas Gutheil Harvard Medical School, USA
Maureen O'Brien Union County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office, USA
John Parry Mental & Physical Disability Law Writer and Consultant
Michael Perlin New York Law School, USA
Marilyn Price Harvard Medical School, USA
Robert L. Sadoff Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
David N. Weisstub Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
John S. Wulach John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA
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  • Submission Guidelines for Contributors

    The Journal of Psychiatry & Law

    Submission of Articles, Books for Review and Book Reviews

    Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to


    1. Any quoted material must be accompanied by an endnote citation giving the exact page where it may be found. In book reviews, quoted material may be followed by a page number in parentheses or be cited in an endnote.

    2. With respect to notes, only the most pertinent references and citations should be noted. (i.e. Do not thank secretaries and typists). Notes should appear AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE and should be numbered consecutively and DOUBLE-SPACED. For proper citations or stylistic decisions, please follow the style outlined in the APA style book. Notes should be in the same size type as text (minimum size 12 point)

    3. Use brief subheads to break up long articles.

    4. Since the JOURNAL is a forum for the interdisciplinary study of the law, the use of professional jargon or technical terms should be limited and, where used, explicitly defined.

    5. Graphs, tables and charts should be numbered consecutively and each such illustration must be prepared on separate pages. Submit clean, original drawings in black & white “camera-ready” condition (no copies will be accepted).

    6. It is the editor’s intent to have your article copyedited, but the responsibility for the correctness of quotations and citations rests with you, the author.


    1. The editors are quite flexible about the length of an article. In almost all cases, this should be discussed with the editors if you are unsure.


    1. Every article that is submitted will be reviewed, however, and a decision will be communicated to the author as promptly as possible.

    2. The JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY & LAW is published four times each year, in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Articles may be submitted at any time, but it should be noted that publishing commitments are made a number of months ahead of publication of any particular issue. Authors whose articles have been accepted for publication must submit final copy reflecting any necessary corrections and ready for the printer by the first (1st) of the month preceding the month of publication. In all cases, the editors will provide you with the appropriate deadline.

    3. Each accepted manuscript will be carefully copyedited and will be returned to the authors to clear up queries and for final approval. The corrected manuscript must be returned within ten (10) days of receipt or no responsibility can be assumed by the JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY & LAW for indicated changes or corrections. This will be the last chance for changes to be made. Proofs, however, will be carefully read by our staff. In case of unusual problems, please contact the editor you have been working with.

    4. In no case (unless previously agreed to by the editor) will corrections be made in proofs after copyedited manuscript is approved. We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of submitting final manuscript copy in final form.

    5. Articles accepted for publication will be copyrighted by the Publisher and the Publisher will have the exclusive right to publish, license and allow others to license the article in all languages and in all media; except for such arrangements, it is understood that you will not receive any remuneration for any article submitted to or accepted by the JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY & LAW.

    6. Manuscripts are received with the explicit understanding that they are not simultaneously under consideration by any other publication. The Journal will not review articles for possible publication if the article is presently being reviewed elsewhere.

    7. All articles should be prefaced by an abstract of not more than 150 words. It should be a factual (not descriptive) summary.

    8. A short professional biographical sketch of yourself should be submitted, including a bibliography of significant articles published by you.

    SAGE Choice and Open Access

    If you or your funder wish your article to be freely available online to nonsubscribers immediately upon publication (gold open access), you can opt for it to be included in SAGE Choice, subject to payment of a publication fee. The manuscript submission and peer review procedure is unchanged. On acceptance of your article, you will be asked to let SAGE know directly if you are choosing SAGE Choice. To check journal eligibility and the publication fee, please visit SAGE Choice. For more information on open access options and compliance at SAGE, including self author archiving deposits (green open access) visit SAGE Publishing Policies on our Journal Author Gateway.

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