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The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman
Gender, Crime, and Justice

Fifth Edition
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September 2020 | 568 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
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The Invisible Woman: Gender, Crime, and Justice offers a thorough exploration of the theories and issues regarding the experiences of women and girls with the criminal justice system as victims, offenders, and criminal justice professionals. Working to counter the "invisibility" of women in criminal justice, this definitive text utilizes a feminist perspective that incorporates current research, theory, and the intersections of sexism with racism, classism, and other types of oppression. Focusing on empowerment of marginalized populations, author Joanne Belknap’s gendered approach to the criminal justice system examines how to improve the visibility of women and to promote their role in society.


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CHAPTER 1. Gendering Criminology through an Intersectional Lens
CHAPTER 2. Theories Part I: Positivist, Evolutionary, Strain, Differential Association, Social Control, and Women’s Emancipation Theories
CHAPTER 3. Theories Part II: Critical, Labeling, Cycle of Violence, Life Course, Pathways, and Masculinity Theories
CHAPTER 4. Accounting for Gender Crime Patterns
CHAPTER 5. The Context of Women’s and Girls Offending for Specific Crimes
CHAPTER 6. Processing Women and Girls in the Criminal Legal System
CHAPTER 7. Incarcerating, Punishing, and “Treating” Offending Women and Girls
CHAPTER 8. Gender-Based Abuse (GBA)
CHAPTER 9. Focusing on Sexual Abuse
CHAPTER 10. Intimate Partner Abuse (IPA) and Stalking
CHAPTER 11. Women Working in Prisons and Jails
CHAPTER 12. Women Working in Policing and Law Enforcement
CHAPTER 13. Women Working in the Courts
CHAPTER 14. Effecting Change


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The Invisible Woman should be a required text for every Criminal Justice student. It provides an in-depth look at women in the criminal justice system from a feminist perspective that examines women offenders to women practitioners in the field. The approach is very appealing, especially in our current political climate.”

Angelina Inesia-Forde
Walden University

The Invisible Woman is the authority, in my opinion, for discussions about gender and crime…It is a straightforward and compelling text that applies a feminist perspective in understanding complex issues, involving women and gender, crime, offending, victimization, and the practitioner experience.”

Christina Mancini
Virginia Commonwealth University

"I appreciate that this text offers a balance of addressing theory, offending, victimization, and women’s participation in criminal justice institutions. The text’s commitment to a feminist perspective provides a welcome distinction from other currently available books.”

Benjamin D. Albers
Bridgewater College

“The text provides informative and insightful information on what’s happening with women while providing strategic activities on how to improve the visibility of women to ensure programs, services, and promote their role in society.”

Robbin Day Brooks
Arizona State University

The Invisible Woman is the best book out there to date.”

J. Robert Duke
University of Alaska Fairbanks

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