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The Indian Economy

The Indian Economy
A Macroeconomic Perspective

First Edition
  • Nilanjan Banik - Associate Professor, Mahindra École Centrale, Hyderabad, India
Critical Acclaim

January 2015 | 260 pages | SAGE India

This lucid and concise overview of India’s macroeconomy presents a comprehensive assessment of governmental policies and measures crucial to economic growth and stability. Thematically structured, the book discusses the demand- and supply-side factors affecting India’s economy, poverty and inequality projecting remedial measures, fiscal and monetary policy, budget constraints, unemployment and inflation, the post-liberalization era and its effects on the labour and capital markets, future reforms in the economy, and trade and external sector. 

Grounded in the Indian context with extensive case studies, illustrations, and examples, it relates economic theories to real-world

Introducing Macroeconomics
Growth, Development, and Income Distribution
Demand Management Policies
Inflation and Unemployment
Reforms in India
External Account and Exchange Rates
India and the WTO

This book... combines classical and Keynesian ideas in a balanced way with... examples from the Indian economy. [It] will help understand the transition of India's economy from the path of planning to the path of a ‘socialist market economy’.

Basudeb Biswas
Professor Emeritus, Utah State University

The great economist, Paul A. Samuelson, wrote “I sometimes think of myself as the last generalist in economics.” Nilanjan Banik proves Samuelson is wrong. This book tells those who would reform the Indian economy what they need to know.

Edward Tower
Professor, Duke University

This book is... a refreshing change in a macro books market.... The case studies it provides are useful illustrations of macroeconomic jargon and the book definitely delivers the author's promise and fills the void by providing an Indian story.

Mia Mikic
Chief, Trade Policy and Analysis Section, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for the Asia and the Pacific

“This book tells those who would reform the Indian economy what they need to know.” 

Edward Tower,
Professor, Duke University

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