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The Frazzled Teacher's Wellness Plan

The Frazzled Teacher's Wellness Plan
A Five Step Program for Reclaiming Time, Managing Stress, and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

December 2003 | 120 pages | Corwin
This wellness plan for today's busy teachers has been custom crafted by an educator and a nurse who knows the daily, weekly, and yearly stresses of the academic calendar.

This generously illustrated volume offers a five-step programme to a healthy lifestyle covering (1) identifying schools as a culture of stress; (2) restructuring personal and teaching priorities for a healthy lifestyle; (3) mastering the science of stress management for better health; (4) arresting time bandits at home and at school; and (5) using nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle. Special features include "21 planning techniques to prevent classroom stress"; "saying NO with a smile"; dealing with perfectionism and procrastination; physical activities like Yoga, Pilates, Karate/Kick Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, QiGong; and more!

Donald Schumacher, M.D.
Preface and Acknowledgments
About the Authors
STEP ONE: Identifying Schools as a Culture of Stress
School Culture and Stress  
Teacher Stress and the Immune System  
Teaching and Personalizing Stress  
Managing School Stressors  
Twenty-One Planning Techniques to Prevent Classroom Stress  
STEP TWO: Restructuring Personal and Teaching Priorities for a Healthy Lifestyle
Why Manage Priorities?  
Analyzing Your Priorities: Problem Analysis I  
A Mirror Image of Self  
Your Mirror Image of Self: Problem Analysis II  
Managing Your Personal and Teaching Priorities  
STEP THREE: Mastering the Science of Stress Management for Better Health
Managing Your Stress  
Stress Is a Reaction to Change  
Stress and Temperament  
Reducing Stress Levels  
Personal Coping Strategies  
The Benefits of Physical Stress  
Desktop Yoga  
Physical Activities with a Different Twist  
Immediate Stress Reducers  
STEP FOUR: Arresting Time Bandits at Home and at School
The Three Major Time Bandits  
Inability to Say NO  
Personal and Professional Time Management  
STEP FIVE: Using Nutrition to Support a Healthy Lifestyle
Nutrition Affects Teachers' Health  
Making Good Choices  
Nutrition, Stress, and Exercise  
Important Numbers to Know  

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