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The First Naxal

The First Naxal
An Authorised Biography of Kanu Sanyal

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

August 2014 | 266 pages | SAGE India

It seldom happens that the story of an individual becomes so intertwined with the cause she or he stands for that it becomes impossible to separate the one from the other. Kanu Sanyal’s is one such rare story: to read it is to relive the history of the Naxalite Movement, which the Indian establishments call the country’s biggest internal security threat.

This book narrates the making of Kanu Sanyal right from his childhood to the days of the Naxalbari uprising and beyond. It delves deep into Sanyal’s evolution as a Communist rebel and throws light on the various stages of the Naxalite Movement with relevant background information. 

What is significant about this book is that this is the only authorised biography of Kanu Sanyal in any language—he personally read and cleared all its chapters but the last one, which deals with his aberrant demise.

Beginning from the End
Days at the School
Drift to Politics
Partition, Independence and Matriculation
At College: Beginning of a Political Quest
Ban on CPI: The Birth of a Rebel
Meeting Charu Mazumdar: Destiny’s First Glance
Off to Village: The Real Beginning
Asserting Farmers’ Rights: Time for Action
Land Reforms: The Differences Within
Sino-India War and the Split in CPI
Differences with Charu Mazumdar and the Chathat Experiment
Outbreak of Naxalbari Movement
Off to China and Meeting Mao Tse-tung
Formation and Disintegration of CPI-ML
Release from Jail and the Beginning of a New Struggle
Revolution versus Terrorism: Nandigram to Lalgarh
Private Life
Rebel Who Did Not Return Home
Historic Documents and News Clippings
The life and Times of Kanu Sanyal: A Chronology
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This very readable book is a story of how that very Sanyal later embraced Marxism in its most extreme form - and went on to regret it later...this book meticulously unveils how Sanyal and his comrades built the CPI and later the CPI-M in Siliguri region that included Naxalbari.

Hindustan Times

The only book wherein the founder is himself narrating the story about the origin, progress, climax and present status of the movement.  The book brings to light several hitherto unknown and startling facts of the Naxalite Movement.

The Echo of India

This informative book narrates the making of Sanyal right from childhood to the Naxalbari uprising and beyond. It goes deep into the evolution of Sanyal as a communist rebel and throws light on the various stages of naxalite movement.

The Hindustan Times

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ISBN: 9788132117872