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The Ethical Crises of Civilization

The Ethical Crises of Civilization
Moral Meltdown or Advance

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Comparative Politics

September 1993 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
According to Lipson, we are at a critical stage in our history. It is clear that there has been a lowering of ethical standards in many sectors of our society. Both promise and peril confront humanity at this time. Along with the ability to annihilate the world, we have acquired the knowledge to improve the quality of life for more people than ever before. The author examines periods in history where similar conditions have existed, seeking to comprehend what is at stake in our present age, and calls for revolution in our ethical practices. Finally, he considers whether the current moral and ethical crisis will be resolved.
Prologue - The Paradox of Our Time
This-Worldly China, Other-Worldly India
The Split Personality of Western Civilization
The Rise and Decline of Civilizations
Creative Eras and Areas
Humanity's First Great Moral Advance
The Enlightment and the Age of Progress
The Two Profiles of the Contemporary World
Our Rights and Duties, and Our Education

The Two Profiles of the Contemporary World (Continued)
Social and Political Patterns

Into a New Millennium

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ISBN: 9780803952430