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The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

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This new approach to leadership focuses on how students can develop leadership skills right from the start of their nursing programme through to transitioning to their first role. The book first takes students through the underpinning knowledge and theory and then through practical skills to help them understand all aspects of leadership and how it is a key component of providing quality care to patients in a range of environments and settings. Real stories from nursing leaders, practitioners and students are included to inspire students and show them how they can impact positively on practice, whatever level they are working at.    

Key features include:

  • Real life focus, grounded in everyday practice, with lots of case studies and examples to help students see how theory relates to practice
  • Activities to help students reflect about their own practice, and about themselves as leaders
  • Video interviews with nurse leaders and students on the companion website
  • Further reading and links to journal articles in both the book and the companion website help students delve deeper and prepare for assessments.
Ruth Taylor and Brian Webster-Henderson
Introduction: the book roadmap and core skills for leadership
Annette Thomas-Gregory
Chapter 1: The context of leadership in practice
Alison Crombie and Gayle Garland
Chapter 2: Nursing leadership in organisations: Theory and practice
Lizzie Jelfs
Chapter 3: Policy perspective: students as the future generation of leaders
Tim Bryson
Chapter 4: Leadership and inter-professional practice
Stephen Tee
Chapter 5: Leadership from the perspective of the public
Mary Gobbi
Chapter 6: Global issues for nursing leadership
Brian Webster, Gillian McCready and Sandra Cairncross
Chapter 7: The coaching leader
Ruth Taylor and Susan Tokley
Chapter 8: Networking and leadership
Jayne Donaldson and Mike Sabin
Chapter 9: Preparation for transition to leadership in qualified practice
Brian Webster-Henderson
Chapter 10: Harnessing your skills as a future leader: Role models in action
Ruth Taylor
Chapter 11: The student nurse as leader
Brian Webster-Henderson and Ruth Taylor
Epilogue: Personal reflections

This book gives a good fundamental understanding of the main issues of nursing leadership. It would be useful throughout pre-registration course but particular in the more senior module leading to the final management placement.

Mr Chris Palmer
School Of Health Sciences, University Of Nottingham
December 14, 2016

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