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The Economic Organization of East Asian Capitalism

The Economic Organization of East Asian Capitalism

December 1996 | 426 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
East Asia's dynamic entrance into the global economy has provided a fruitful avenue for research in economic sociology. In this perceptive and timely volume, the authors theorize Asian capitalism and analyze the economic organization of East Asia.

Presenting differing dimensions of a Weberian perspective, the authors first provide a theoretical grounding, then consider capitalism in East Asia comparatively, and finally contrast the economies of East Asia and Europe. The book shows how radically different social and cultural institutions can lead to economies that are organized in remarkably similar ways.

Nicole Woolsey Biggart
Explaining Asian Economic Organization
Toward a Weberian Institutional Perspective

Nicole Woolsey Biggart and Gary G Hamilton
On the Limits of a Firm-Based Theory to Explain Business Networks
The Western Bias of Neoclassical Economics

Gary G Hamilton and Robert C Feenstra
Varieties of Hierarchies and Markets
An Introduction

Nicole Woolsey Biggart and Gary G Hamilton
Explaining Asian Business Success
Theory No. 4

Gary G Hamilton and Nicole Woolsey Biggart
Market, Culture, and Authority
A Comparative Analysis of Management and Organization in the Far East

Marco Orrú, Nicole Woolsey Biggart and Gary G Hamilton
Organizational Isomorphism in East Asia
Marco Orrú, Gary G Hamilton and Mariko Suzuki
Patterns of Interfirm Control in Japanese Business
Nicole Woolsey Biggart
Institutionalized Patrimonialism in Korean Busines
Gary G Hamilton
Organization and Market Processes in Taiwan's Capitalist Economy
Marco Orrú
The Institutional Analysis of Capitalist Economies
Marco Orrú
Institutional Cooperation in Japanese and German Capitalism
Marco Orrú
The Institutional Logic of Small-Firm Economies in Italy and Taiwan
Marco Orrú
Dirigiste Capitalism in France and South Korea

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