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The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage
Theory and Practice

Third Edition
Edited by:
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March 2016 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The new edition of this bestselling textbook continues to provide comprehensive coverage of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, and is the ideal companion for anyone undertaking any Early Years or Early Childhood Studies course, or those working towards Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS).


The third edition now includes new chapters on;


·         International Perspectives on Early childhood Education and Care

·         The Issue of Professionalism

·         Pedagogical Documentation

·         Using the Outdoor Environments in Early childhood Pedagogy

·         The Role of Digital Technologies in the Early Years


This book further supports your study with outstanding learning features including;


·         A Companion Website with weblinks, free SAGE journal articles, extended case studies and annotated further readings. Click here to access.

·         Chapter Roadmaps to identify what each chapter will cover at-a-glance.

·         Case Studies in each chapter to help you link theory to practice

·         ‘Reflection Points’, ‘Reflective Tasks’ and ‘Points for Discussion’, to help you critically reflect on how the chapter can be applied to your personal and professional development.

·         Further Readings directing you to external resources to help deepen your understanding

Ioanna Palaiologou will be discussing key ideas from The Early Years Foundation Stage in the SAGE Early Years Masterclass, a free professional development experience hosted by Kathy Brodie. To sign up, or for more information, click here.

Trevor Male & Ioanna Palaiologou
Chapter 1: Historical Developments for Early Childhood Education and Care
Ioanna Palaiologou & Trevor Male
Chapter 2: Early Years Foundation Stage
Ioanna Palaiologou, Glenda Walsh, Sarah MacQuarrie, Jane Waters, Natalie Macdonald & Elizabeth Dunphy
Chapter 3: The National Picture
Theodora Papatheodorou & Mark Wilson
Chapter 4: The International Perspective on Early Childhood Education and Care
Nyree Nicholson
Chapter 5: The issue of Professionalism
Theodora Papatheodorou & Donna Potts
Chapter 6: Pedagogy in Practice
Cheryl Ellis and Chantelle Haughton
Chapter 7: Play
Paulette Luff
Chapter 8: Observations: Recording and Analysis
Sally Howard, Nyree Nicholson & Chris Williams
Chapter 9: Assessment
Estelle Martin
Chapter 10: Pedagogical Documentation
Angie Hutchinson & Ioanna Palaiologou
Chapter 11: Effective Transitions
Clare Nugent
Chapter 12: Using the outdoor environment in early childhood pedagogy
Anna Knowles
Chapter 13: Working in partnership with parents
Zoi Nikiforidou & Babs Anderson
Chapter 14: Working together to safeguard children
Carolyn Silberfeld
Chapter 15: Children’s health and well being
Alex Owen
Chapter 16: Inclusion
Trevor Male & Nyree Nicholson
Chapter 17: Leadership
Lorna Arnott
Chapter 18: The role of digital technologies
John Bennett & Ioanna Palaiologou
Chapter 19: Personal, social, emotional development
Claire Head
Chapter 20: Communication and language
Claire Head & Ioanna Palaiologou
Chapter 21: Literacy
David Needham & Graham Needham
Chapter 22: Mathematics
Gary Beauchamp
Chapter 23: Understanding the World
Ioanna Palaiologou
Chapter 24: Physical Development
Nick Owen, Laura Grindely and Michiko Fujii
Chapter 25: Expressive arts and design

The third edition of this book has managed to bring yet another fresh look at the EYFS.  There is no doubt about its usefulness as a valuable source of information about the theory and practice of the EYFS.  Readers are encouraged to view the content through the use of different lenses, namely political, social and pedagogical lenses, thus helping the reader to develop different perspectives.  I will be recommending this book to students on Early Childhood Education and Care courses.

Dr. Jackie Musgrave
Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood, University of Worcester

The nee edition of the The Early Years Foundation Stage is a book which offers a close examination of early learning. It informs the reader and provokes questions.  This is important because as soon as questions are asked they influence how the curriculum is seen in practice and its relationship with the learning environment. They also touch upon moral and social issues. The book therefore enhances effective practice, because developing a detailed knowledge of curriculum requirements and challenging assumptions ensures a deep consideration of what children should learn and how they learn.

Michael Reed
Senior Lecturer Centre for Early Childhood, Institute of Education, University of Worcester.

I have made this one of the essential texts for our level 5 qualification

Mrs Emma Harvey
Department of Care & Early Years, Suffolk New College
July 24, 2020

This is a book that will be most useful, especially for our students who practice in early years and who also study part time with us. The impressive range and diversity of the Contributors provides a rich, deep texture to the book.

Ms sue mills
The Lifelong Learning Institute, Leeds University
March 31, 2017

Good use of case studies and reflection to help students to understand aspects of EYFS and Early Years Practice

Mrs Stephanie Schofield
Accounting, Newcastle College
March 29, 2017

Great range of chapters, covering everything the trainee teacher needs.
Well structured and easy to read. Littered full of ideas for practice.

Ms Maria McArdle
School Of Education, University Of Bedfordshire
November 27, 2016

The third edition of this book manages to update as well as develop deeper understanding of the EYFS. Each section updates knowledge surrounding pedagogy and practice. An absolute must for all early years educators as this text brings to the fore the importance of contextualising theory and practice.
Readers are enables to view contemporary issues through political, social and pedagogical perspectives. I will be recommending this book to students on Early Childhood Education and Care programmes.

Sharon Colilles (Senior Lecturer)

Mrs Sharon Angeletta Colilles
Carnegie Faculty of Sports & Education, Leeds Beckett University
November 12, 2016

This book is essential to any undergraduate thinking of taking up childhood studies

Mrs Karen Cooke
childhood studies, North Manchester Community College
October 17, 2016

The Early Years Foundation Stage is an indispensable tool when training and delivering sessions to prospective early years practitioners. Excellent chapters presenting historic context and underpinning knowledge on observation and assessment. Students will benefit from the links to classic theorists plus current research. Well worth investing in a copy.

Mrs Victoria Lappin
Health , Gateshead College
September 23, 2016

This is a useful updated edition. We have had very positive feedback from students about the earlier editions and feel confident in recommending it as a core text to our next cohort of students.

Mrs Abigail Carolyn Gosling
Education Studies, Bedfordshire University
September 19, 2016