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The Drivers

The Drivers
Transforming Learning for Students, Schools, and Systems

  • Michael Fullan - Michael Fullan Enterprises Inc., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada
  • Joanne Quinn - Quinn Consultants Inc (Canada)

October 2023 | 184 pages | Corwin

Be bold. Think big. Change Schools.

Everyday we’re problem solving—but deep down we know the system is no longer working. Do we just keep trying harder, or do we dare to transform how we “do school?”

In The Drivers: Transforming Learning for Students, Schools, and Systems, renowned authors Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn build on their previous books and lay out a complete model for transforming teaching and learning. The goal: making sure students are actually prepared to live and thrive in the complex world around them. Learn to:

  • Orient students, staff, and community around the four drivers:  wellbeing and learning, social intelligence, equality investments, systemness
  • Believe that young people can generate more l magic in the world if we enable them
  • Take cues from five school communities who have successfully embarked on system change
  • Lead, develop, and connect with others at different stages of system change

Schools are not meant to be solely feeders to MBAs, Ph.Ds, or corporate boardrooms. When we see schools as local hubs of innovation, and model for students what it means to be community-focused, we will renew the relevancy of our most valuable institutions.

About the Authors
Where to From Here?
Driver 1: Well-Being and Learning
Driver 2: Social and Machine Intelligence
Driver 3: Equity-Equity Investments
Driver 4: Systtemness: Everyone's Agenda
Deep-Learning: The Future Depends on It
Epilogue: The Humanity Paradigm in Action

Fullan and Quinn make the case for an educational paradigm that places humanity and its needs at the center. In clear and compelling language, they explain how we can move quickly from the schools we have to the ones our society needs. For those who recognize that education is critical
to creating a more just and equitable future, this book will serve as a guide and source of inspiration.

Pedro Noguera
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

The Drivers is truly a book for the moment. Fullan and Quinn offer a set of interlocking design principles, brought to life by cases of school- and district-level transformation, which light a way toward a future where all can thrive. The book manages to be both clear-eyed and aspirational—a
combination that will resonate with stakeholders at all levels of the system.

Sarah Fine
High Tech High Graduate School of Education
San Diego, California

This book is an engaging must-read for all educators involved in systems change because it offers strategies centered on
the humanity and well-being of stakeholders. It will help you rebuild a framework around systems change with meaningful insights from successful school communities around the world.

Michele Broadnax
Los Angeles Education Partnership
Los Angeles, California

Fullan and Quinn have braided together some of the most important, current, and cutting-edge research with a clear understanding of the challenges of moving theory to practice. This book offers powerful advice on shifts that must happen in our school system and society if we are ever
to achieve the pluralistic, multiracial democracy we have promised to our children.

Jeff Duncan-Andrade
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California

A timely book that provides an innovative approach to education. Fullan and Quinn draw on extensive international and practical experience to comprehensively understand the drivers essential for fostering change in education. This is a must-read for educators, policy makers, and anyone interested in positively impacting education and the world.

Leandro Folgar Ruétalo,

This is truly great work—an arresting and compelling guide to transforming our systems of education. It demands the exercise of our crucial role as stewards in service to and in cooperation with others. The Drivers reactivates the lifeblood of a human system of learning.

Anthony Mackay
National Center on Education & the Economy
Washington, D.C.

Fullan and Quinn’s passionate and easy-to-read book is a call to action that will inspire and inform those seeking to transform our education system so that every learner has the deep learning required to survive and thrive in a complex world. This is what is needed to drive the necessary transformation of our schools.

Sandra Milligan
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Melbourne, Australia

Fullan and Quinn’s four interrelated drivers build an ecosystem that enables learners to live with themselves, live with people who are different from them, and live with the planet. This is the daring and ambitious agenda we need given the challenges humanity faces.

Andreas Schleicher

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