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The CQ Press Career Guide for Public Sector Students

The CQ Press Career Guide for Public Sector Students

First Edition

December 2018 | 64 pages | CQ Press

“A useful supplement that can get students reflecting on how they could access employment in a range of public sector jobs as well a practical steps to get there.”
—Rosalie Schofield, Temple University

Turn your degree into a career!

The CQ Press Career Guide for Public Sector Students is a powerful introduction to the job market for undergraduate and graduate students looking to take that important first step into the public sector. With a focus on setting personal goals and maximizing transferable skills, author Michelle C. Pautz guides students through recommended curriculum choices, coaches them with useful tips on how to build up their career skills, advises on supplemental opportunities outside the classroom, and humanizes the options in the public sector through real-life success stories from students. With a conversational tone and multiple content formats used throughout, this guide will help students not only explore career possibilities, but also relate what they are learning in the classroom today to opportunities in the future.

Key Features:

  • A chapter on curriculum considerations offers advice on course selections that will point students toward realistic and suitable careers in the world of public affairs. 
  • Tips for co-curriculum opportunities and experiences help students get involved with learning opportunities outside the classroom such as Model United Nations or Mock Trial, service clubs, internship and co-op experiences, education abroad, and independent research endeavors.  
  • Public Sector Profiles motivate readers with powerful stories of students who went on to have successful careers in public affairs.
  • A career checklist provides students with valuable insights on résumé building, social media strategies, and networking. 

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About the Author
Chapter 1 – Defining the Public Sector and its Opportunities
What is the public sector?  
Perceptions and Myths about the Public Sector  
Public Sector Misconceptions  
Chapter Wrap-Up  
Action Items  
Public Sector Profile – Robin J. Bachman, Chief, Policy Coordination Office, and Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce  
Chapter 2 – Curriculum Considerations
Selecting Academic Programs, Majors, and Minors  
Picking Courses  
Using Your Course Assignments and Activities  
Chapter Wrap-Up  
Action Items  
Public Sector Profile – Emily Kaylor, Chief of Staff, Office of Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor  
Chapter 3 – Co-curricular Opportunities and Experiences
What are co-curricular opportunities and experiences?  
Pursuing Co-curricular experiences  
Reflecting on Successful and Less Successful Co-curricular Experiences  
Chapter Wrap-Up  
Action Items  
Public Sector Profile – Geenae Rivera Soto, Policy Analyst, Federal Housing Finance Agency  
Chapter 4 – Finding Your Passion and Pursuing It
Finding Your Passions  
Learning Beyond College  
Summary Insights  
Chapter Wrap-Up  
Action Items  
Public Sector Profiles – Cordell Williams, Grants and Development Administrator, Greater Dayton Premier Management, and Jennifer Pautz, Director of Government Affairs, New York University  

Sample Materials & Chapters

CHAPTER 1: Defining the Public Sector and its Opportunities

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