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The CQ Press Career Guide for American Politics Students

The CQ Press Career Guide for American Politics Students


February 2019 | 80 pages | CQ Press
CHAPTER 1: Introduction and Getting Started
Chapter Objectives  
What does it mean to study American politics?  
CHAPTER 2: Coursework and Internships
Chapter Objectives  
What is your curriculum?  
What is a co-curriculum?  
What about Internships and Experiential Opportunities?  
CHAPTER 3: Staff Work On and Off The Hill
Chapter Objectives  
What does a staffer do?  
Do I need to live in the state of a Member or belong to a Member's political party to get a job?  
What’s the difference between staff work on Capitol Hill and your state capital?  
What about working in my city or town?  
What if I’m not interested in working for an elected official?  
CHAPTER 4: Political Campaigns
Chapter Objectives  
Where should you focus your campaign energy?  
What do you do on political campaigns?  
Conclusion: Why work on a campaign?  
CHAPTER 5: Other Pursuits
Chapter Objectives  
What Is Graduate School?  
What Is Professional School?  
Should you go right into the job market?  
CHAPTER 6: Conclusion
Let’s review  
What else can I do to make myself competitive?  

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