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The Business of Managing Emotions

The Business of Managing Emotions
A Three-Dimensional Approach

First Edition

November 2018 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

We work to create value in terms of sustenance or satisfaction. During this journey of creating value, we feel. Regardless of whether we are allowed to demonstrate it in public or whether we admit it to ourselves or not, whatever occurs at the workplace generates emotional moods. 

The expression of these emotions at work greatly depends on the social and cultural norms of various countries, regions, industries and the personal preference of people themselves. But the truth is, these emotions exist! 

The Navrasas comprise four negative emotional moods (rasas) that could hold back work performance, four positive ones that could spur productivity and a ninth one, which is the aim of this journey—the ability to sift the personal from the professional. The Business of Managing Emotions: A Three-Dimensional Approach offers practical solutions to leverage emotions at work through a three-dimensional emotional management (3-DEM) framework—an amalgamation of the performing arts, the medical science and the evolving social science of management.

Three-dimensional Emotion Management (3-DEM) Framework
The Triangle of Emotion Management
What Is the Outcome You Want to Achieve?
Survey Results and Analysis
The Manifestation of Love and Beauty
Analysing Love at the Workplace
The Solution Matrix—3-DEM Applied to Love
Depicting ‘Fear’ in the Arts
The Science Behind Fear
The Stakeholders
Situation Diagnosis
The Solution Matrix
Question Quotient
The Manifestation of Courage at the Workplace
Analysing Courage at the Workplace
Depicting Anger in the Arts
The Science Behind Anger
The Solution Matrix
Let’s Play
Question Quotient
The Solution Matrix
Benefits of Humour at Work
Introducing Humour at the Workplace
The Manifestation of Disgust
The Solution Matrix—3-DEM Applied to Disgust
Management Science and Disgust
Wonder in the Arts
Wonder Explained in Science
Why Has This Curiosity Diminished?
How Hungry Are You with Curiosity?
The Solution Matrix
Question Quotient
Sorrow in the Arts
Sorrow Explained by Science
The Solution Matrix
Managing Sad Emotions
Question Quotient
The Manifestation of Peace at the Workplace
The Solution Matrix—3-DEM Applied to Peace
Conclusion: The Journey Towards the Anti-fragile

‘The book uses true workplace stories to help professionals overcome four debilitating emotions—fear, sorrow, anger and disgust—and leverage the more positive emotions of love, courage, wonder and humour to achieve what we all yearn for as we strive for excellence in performance.’

Ronnie Screwvala,
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author

‘We live in a world fraught with anger, stress, hatred and divisiveness. This spills from our society into our work and personal lives, and nothing in our upbringing has really prepared us to deal with these emotions. This book, using arts theory, which is centuries old, modern psychology and management practice, is a refreshing approach to diffusing these difficult situations and being able to deal with essential emotions that could [affect] our happiness and [keep us from achieving] self-fulfilment. I am sure it will help individuals and organizations.’

Mallika Sarabhai,
Classical Dancer, Choreographer and Activist

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