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The Biopsychology Colouring Book

The Biopsychology Colouring Book

Second Edition

November 2024 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Learn and revise Biopsychology – through colouring!

Getting to grips with the basics of Biological Psychology has never been so easy. This book covers everything you need to know: from the structure of the nervous system to how our brain and body working together impacts our behaviour. New exercises have also been added to this Second Edition to cover the effects of drugs on neurotransmission, memory, mechanisms of nutrient monitoring and more.

Actively learn by:

- Revising key content using the short introductions

- Completing labelling exercises to test your knowledge

- Colouring in each diagram to help your brain make deep learning connections

Perfect for revision, this book provides a fun and relaxing break from screens while building your understanding of Biological Psychology.
Chapter 1: Structure of the nervous system
Chapter 2: Communication in the nervous system
Chapter 3: Drugs and the nervous system: psychopharmacology
Chapter 4: Development and degeneration in the nervous system
Chapter 5: Learning and memory
Chapter 6: Sensory systems
Chapter 7: Motor control
Chapter 8: Emotional behaviours
Chapter 9: Motivated behaviours

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ISBN: 9781529690941