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Student Assessment

Student Assessment
Better Evidence, Better Decisions, Better Learning

  • Dylan Wiliam - Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at University College London
  • Douglas Fisher - San Diego State University, USA
  • Nancy Frey - San Diego State University, USA

Fisher-Frey Imprint

August 2024 | 176 pages | Corwin

Fuel student-driven success and enhance learning with better assessment

What if there was a better way to collect and interpret assessment data that could strengthen the link between teaching and learning? Student Assessment: Better Evidence, Better Decisions, Better Learning is the innovative guide to show you how it's done and done right. This unique book offers a new assessment model focused on decision-driven data collection and provides an arsenal of tools for collecting better evidence to increase student learning. You will learn:

  • the importance of assessment in the teaching and learning process
  • what a decision-driven data collection assessment model looks like and how it differs from a more traditional data-driven decision-making model
  • how to effectively establish learning intentions and success criteria within assessments to actively engage students in their own learning
  • how to implement an array of assessment tools that yield better evidence and improve decision-making
  • how to address the challenge of ensuring authenticity in students' responses when AI-generated content is becoming more common

With this guide in hand, you'll be ready for a better approach to assessment—armed with practical tools and strategies to ensure students can analyze, synthesize, adapt, critique, and most importantly, take charge of their own learning.

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Student Assessment is a text that is the definition of pioneering and leading the way for a better future for education with our students at the forefront. Innovative, restorative, and enriching, this text is one that will be utilized for many more decades to come.

Daruis Phelps
Assistant Director of Programs and Educator

Frey, Fisher, and Wilam are the education research equivalent of the Marvel Avengers, righteously standing up for all that is good for student achievement and success. In Student Assessment: Better Evidence, Better Decision, Better Learning they have applied their many years of research into a logical and easily approachable book, so that any teacher can implement timely formative assessment to impact student achievement.

Brian Deller
Chemistry Teacher

Rarely does a book come along from authors who are renowned researchers and also practitioners deep in the work. The authors’ collective insights provide the perfect balance for a book that thoughtfully illustrates assessment as the bridge between effective teaching and learning.  This book provides practical, actionable examples for busy practitioners!

Dr. Angela Lyon Hinton
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Spartanburg School District Two

This book is a practical reminder of WHY we should use assessment in our classrooms and HOW we can quickly yet effectively assess our students using a variety of strategies. This refreshing read is applicable to any educator, in any classroom.

Alisa Barrett
Director of Instruction

Student Assessment: Better Evidence, Better Decision, Better Learning is an excellent resource that provides a comprehensive exploration of assessment practices. This book goes beyond the ordinary, offering valuable insights for dedicated teachers and forward-thinking administrators. It equips readers with additional knowledge and tools needed to enhance the quality of assessments, leading to better decisions and, ultimately, better learning outcomes for students. If you are committed to advancing education and seeing a transformative guide to assessment, this book is an absolute must-read.

Kelly Jensen
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Palmdale School District

Wiliam, Fisher and Frey show how student assessment data should support decisions that help teachers teach and students learn—and they provide a variety of practical examples of assessment tools and procedures from real classrooms.  It’s the combination of the two that makes the book so compelling.

Professor Emerita
Duquesne University

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