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The Antiracist Educator

The Antiracist Educator

January 2022 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In a society that privileges whiteness, racist ideas have become normalised throughout our educational institutions and curriculum. We are not born racist or antiracist; these result from the choices we make. Choosing this book means making a conscious choice to learn about how racism is embedded within the UK education system and deciding to fight against it. Choosing this book starts you on your antiracist journey as a teacher.


As a teacher you are in a position of power. It is the school system which is the starting point for how children learn to view the world and accept knowledge; and you have the power to impact change to create a more inclusive and diverse society. Written by Pran Patel, who has nearly 2 decades of teaching experience and is a TEDx speaker, campaigner and blogger, this book is your call to action.

Covering a range of important topics such as unconscious bias, stereotyping, assessment and discrimination and racialised trauma in childhood, this book shows you:

  • How can you identify and challenge the racist structures in which we are brought up
  • How to you acknowledge the impact and roles you play in upholding racism
  • What actions can you take as an ally in your everyday life

Becoming antiracist is not a quick-fix, it is a lifelong education, for you, and the children you teach. Let’s begin the journey today.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Antiracism for Teachers
Chapter 2: Teacher Bias and the Damage of Stereotyping
Chapter 3: How our Racial Lens Perceives Behaviour
Chapter 4: Assessment and Systemic Discrimination
Chapter 5: Racialised Trauma in Pupils
Chapter 6: The Curriculum and Representation
Chapter 7: Power Dynamics in the Classroom

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