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The Accelerated High School

The Accelerated High School
A Step-by-Step Guide for Administrators and Teachers

June 1998 | 200 pages | Corwin
Written to help communities win the battle to keep young people in school and learning the necessary skills to become productive members of society, this book is a combination of the authors' experiences coupled with the findings of studies on at-risk students and visits to traditional and alternative middle and high schools. The authors examine the characteristics of students at risk and explore several possible solutions to this cycle of dysfunction.
Henry M Levin
When Communities Lose the Battle in Schools
Building a Caring School Community
Taking Stock
Community and School Strengths and Weaknesses  
Creating a Living Vision
Forging the Governance Structure of the School
Setting Priorities
Fashioning the Skeleton, Muscles and Heart of the School  
Triumphing over Barriers to Academic Achievement
Reducing Discipline Problems

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ISBN: 9780803966406