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Ten Best Teaching Practices (Multimedia Kit)

Ten Best Teaching Practices (Multimedia Kit)
How Brain Research and Learning Styles Define Teaching Competencies

Third Edition

40 pages | Corwin

Engage, motivate, and inspire students with today's best practices

This kit is based on the classic methods resource Ten Best Teaching Practices, packed with current techniques for inspiring and motivating students. In her engaging style, Donna Walker Tileston shares real-life examples from her amazing work with diverse classes across the country, her methods for raising test scores, and her strategies to reach every learner. She incorporates the latest research on brain-compatible pedagogy, learning styles, and today's most critical topics, including:

  • Using formative assessment for reliable results
  • Integrating technology to connect students' school and home lives
  • Differentiating instruction to inspire every student
  • Connecting with children of various backgrounds, including those who live in poverty
  • Creating a collaborative learning environment

This multimedia kit includes:

  • The third edition of Ten Best Teaching Practices, which describes the most up-to-date modes of teaching
  • An 68-minute content-rich DVD, with an easy stop-and-search navigation menu and in-classroom examples of best practices
  • A chapter-by-chapter facilitator's guide for conducting workshops, providing expanded instruction, discussion points, chapter review, activities, handouts, and overheads.
  • A CD-ROM with an electronic version of the facilitator's guide.

Tileston's comprehensive kit is the next best thing to an extended visit from the author herself.

About the Author
Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guide: Facilitator's Guide to Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research and Learning Styles Define Teaching Compentencies, Third Edition, by Donna Walker Tileston
Chapter 1: Creating an Environment That Facilitates Learning
Chapter 2: Differentiating for Different Learning Styles
Chapter 3: Helping Students Make Connections From Prior Knowledge
Chapter 4: Teaching for Long-Term Memory
Chapter 5: Constructing Knowledge Through Higher-Level Thinking Processes
Chapter 6: Fostering Collaborative Learning
Chapter 7: Bridging the Gap Between All Learners
Chapter 8: Evaluating Learning With Authentic Assessments
Chapter 9: Encouraging In-Depth Understanding With Real-World Applications
Chapter 10: Integrating Technology Seamlessly Into Instruction
Chapter 11: Putting It All Together
Closing Workshop Activity
Chapter 1 Worksheets

Chapter 2 Worksheets

Chapter 3 Worksheets

Chapter 4 Worksheets

Chapter 5 Worksheets

Chapter 8 Worksheets

Chapter 9 Worksheets

Chapter 10 Worksheets

Workshop Evaluation Form

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