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Teaching Higher Education Courses in Further Education Colleges

Teaching Higher Education Courses in Further Education Colleges

September 2013 | 128 pages | Learning Matters
As the number of higher education (HE) courses offered in further education (FE) settings increases, so does the need for teachers and trainee teachers to develop their teaching skills. This text is written for all teachers and trainee teachers in FE. It considers what it means to teach HE in FE and how an HE environment can be created in an FE setting.

The text covers day-to-day aspects of teaching including planning and assessment, giving guidance on the unique needs of HE students. Chapters on research and quality assurance support the reader in developing some advanced teaching skills. This is a practical guide for FE teachers and trainee teachers as the sector adapts to the needs of education today. 
College-based higher education and widening participation

The HE Ethos - Creating a University Within a College

College-based Higher Education: The Students

Planning and Preparing for Teaching HE in FE

The Practice of Teaching College-based Higher Education

Assessing Learning in HE in FE

Research and Scholarship in HE in FE

Managing HE in FE

Quality Assurance in College-based Higher Education


A good text for developing further understanding of teaching HE in a FE environment, although a newer edition would also be of benefit, in particular extending on regulatory frameworks.

Miss Tracey Canham
Education, New College Swindon
August 18, 2022

This book contains some interesting points on delivering HE in an FE setting. Chapters 2 and 7 are particularly interesting as providing the right environment so that there is a distinction between HE students and FE students is quite a challenge and there has been limited information on this to date. The book will not be of use to all L4 teacher Ed. students but for those delivering HE it will be a great starting point.

Miss Sharon Pickup
Wisemore Campus, Walsall College
September 7, 2016

A good informative book with areas for your reflection. Each chapter has clear aims to begin with which is useful and adopted from a teaching perspective. Useful chapters including info on collaboration and conflict, bodies of responsibility and case studies are used to back up research and thought. Nicely written and easy to follow.

Mrs ellen margaret duncan-jones
Care & Continuing Education Department, Ystrad Mynach College
October 22, 2015

Excellent book for those teaching HE in an FE college setting. Gives good ideas on how to keep students engaged and positive

Miss Sarah Bishop
Public Services, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
April 10, 2015

helping the students understand the learning process in HE actually helps them learn !

Mr Peter Norton
Uniformed public services, Sheffield College
March 26, 2015

A very useful read providing essential background information for all PGCE students working in the post 16 sector.

Mr Andrew Faulkner
Business, South Devon College
December 29, 2014

I found this useful in staff development situations and working with the initial teacher training team in developing our own modules for HE level training. It was not relevant to the PTLLS course, as none of my trainees are working at this level. It will be useful for PGCE and Cert Ed programmes in the future, both to inform the development and delivery of these and other Level 4 and 5 courses and as part of the reading lists for trainees, some of whom may work on HE programmes.

Ms Anita Collins
Education , Leeds City College
November 20, 2014

No longer teaching on the course this text was considered for.

Mrs Claire Dodson
Business, Sheffield College
October 4, 2014

Very useful to have a book focussing on this growing area. It serves as a useful introduction, and many of the chapters would now warrant a book of their own!

Mr Peter Mounsey
Higher Education, Burnley College
September 23, 2014

Idenifies the issues faced by staff working across these two areas and is clear about how to address these constructively.

Dr Linda Withey
education and professional development, ity campus oldham college
June 18, 2014

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