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Teachers as Learners

Teachers as Learners
A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development in Science and Mathematics

June 2003 | Corwin

Published in Association with WestEd

Based on the best-selling Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics, this innovative multimedia kit offers visual examples of different professional development strategies such as case discussions, study groups, coaching, immersion in content learning and curriculum implementation. Viewers will see professional development strategies in action, hear the logic and thinking of facilitators, observe teachers in real classrooms interacting with real students. This type of innovative professional development is needed to integrate mathematics and science standards and for teacher support for changes in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Teachers as Learners contains everything you will need to design professional development activities, including:

} Facilitator's Guide with discussion guides for each of the 18 video segments, professional development designs for half-day, full-day, two-day, and three-day workshops, and strategies for using the Teachers as Learners collection

} CD-ROM with detailed facilitator's scripts, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and masters for overhead transparencies and handouts for half-day, full-day, two-day, and three-day workshop

} Four videotapes (NTSC format) consisting of 18 segments illustrating a diverse range of strategies such as immersion in content, standards-based curriculum implementation, examining practice and collaborative work

} Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics, Second Edition.

Designed for anyone who plans, designs and conducts professional development for teachers of mathematics and science such as professional developers, teacher leaders, teacher trainers, teacher development specialists, and teachers who want to be informed consumers of good professional development. Teachers as Learners is appropriate for individual and group use as well as for courses and workshops.

Facilitators Featured in the "Teachers as Learners" Collection
About the Authors
1. Welcome to "Teachers as Learners"
2. Discussion Guides for "Teachers as Learners"
Tape 1. Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics
Program 1. Introduction
Program 2. Principles of Effective Professional Development
Program 3. Designing Professional Development: A School District Approach
Program 4. A Tribute to Susan Loucks-Horsley
Tape 2. Professional Development Designs for K-8 Mathematics Teachers
Program 1. Exploring Mathematics Through Cases I
Program 2. Exploring Mathematics Through Cases II
Program 3. Mathematics Curriculum Workshop
Program 4. Immersion in Spatial Reasoning
Program 5. Observing Mathematics Teaching
Tape 3. Professional Development Designs for K-8 Science Teachers
Program 1. Scientific Inquiry
Program 2. Observing Science Teaching
Program 3. Assessing Student Work
Program 4. Exploring Science Through Cases
Program 5. Curriculum Implementation: Issues and Challenges
Tape 4. Professional Development Designs for Secondary Mathematics and Science Teachers
Program 1. Curriculum-Focused Coaching
Program 2. Content-Based Coaching
Program 3. Immersion in Number Theory
Program 4. Immersion in Biotechnology
Program 5. Examining Content and Student Thinking
3. Designs for Professional Learning
Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics: One-Day Session  
Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics: Two- or Three-Day Session  
Coaching: Half-Day Session  
Coaching: One-Day Session--Option 1  
Coaching: One-Day Session--Option 2  
Teacher Learning Through Immersion in Mathematics Content: One-Day Session  
Teacher Learning Through Immersion in Science Content: One-Day Session  
Teacher Learning Through Immersion in Science and Mathematics Content: One-Day Session  
Activities at-a-Glance  
Getting Started  
Professional Development Design  
Professional Development Strategies and Concpets  
Reflection and Closure  
Appendix: Field Testers for "Teachers as Learners"
CD-ROM Contents: Activities
Section1. Getting Started Activities
Activity 1.1: Framing the Day  
Activity 1.2: Seasonal Learning Buddies  
Activity 1.3: Setting Expectations  
Activity 1.4: A Powerful Learning Experience  
Activity 1.5: Starting the Day Two by Two  
Activity 1.6: Welcome and "Now that you mention it..."  
Activity 1.7: Welcome and Overview  
Activity 1.8: Welcome and Engagement: Let's Rock and Roll  
Section 2. Professional Development Design Activities
Activity 2.1: Professional Development Design Framework  
Activity 2.2: Professional Strategies Card Sort  
Activity 2.3: The Professional Development Design Framework  
Activity 2.4: Critical Issues in Designing Professional Development: A Jigsaw  
Activity 2.5: Professional Development Vehicles Activity  
Activity 2.6: Professional Development Design Puzzle Activity  
Activity 2.7: Reflecting on Your Own Context  
Activity 2.8: Principles of Professional Development  
Activity 2.9: Assumptions and Beliefs About Teaching Standards and Content Learning  
Activity 2.10: Focusing on the Nature of Science  
Activity 2.11: Focusing on the Nature of Mathematics  
Activity 2.12: Examining Key Moments  
Activity 2.13: Key Elements and Implementation Requirements for Immersion in Content  
Activity 2.14: Implementing Immersion in Content in your Setting and Heading Home  
Section 3. Professional Development Strategy and Concpet
Activity 3.1: Professional Development Strategy Learning Strands  
Activity 3.2: Markers Along the Journey: A Coach in My Life  
Activity 3.3: A Framework for Coaching  
Activity 3.4: Coaching in Action: The Planning Conference  
Activity 3.5: Coaching in Action: Examining Classroom Practice  
Activity 3.6: Coaching in Action: The Reflective Conference  
Activity 3.7: Needs of New Teachers: Matching Coaching Style  
Activity 3.8: Coaching in Action: Examining Coaching Style and New Teacher Needs  
Activity 3.9: Reviewing the Framework for Coaching  
Activity 3.10: Reflecting on Coaching Style Preference  
Activity 3.11: Coaching in Action: Classroom Observation and Data Gathering  
Activity 3.12: Coaching in Action: Matching Coaching Style in the Reflective Conference  
Section 4. Reflection and Closure Activities
Activity 4.1: Reflection and Closure  
Activity 4.2: Taking It Back Home  
Activity 4.3: Parting Thoughts: Metaphors and Musing  
Activity 4.4: Coaching as a Strategy: Implications for Your Work  
Activity 4.5: Coach as Leader: Reflections and Insights  
Activity 4.6: Reflecting on New Learning  

"Opens the door to best practices and highest student achievement by providing the insight needed to help teachers bring the most valuable learning experiences to their students!"

NSTA Recommends, August 2003

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ISBN: 9780761939184