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Supporting Language and Communication

Supporting Language and Communication
A Guide for School Support Staff

September 2006 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This is a readable book that has a lot of content at a level that teaches the reader about Language and Communication while at the same time guiding him/her to develop professionally by providing frequent activities....It is a very good resource for frequent referral and consultation' - Naplic

Anyone working with children knows about the current debate surrounding the need for development of effective communication skills. This book examines aspects of communication, and considers how a positive learning environment can nurture a good understanding of communication.

Teaching Assistants will find this book helps them to acquire a portfolio of skills and strategies that they can call on to provide optimum support when working with children in a variety of situations. Contents include:

- an exploration of current issues, such as the difference between home and school language

- how to communicate material and information effectively to pupils so that learning is optimised

- a consideration of the needs of particular groups of speakers

- what might be the consequences of poor communication skills, and how to address these difficulties

The content of the book relates to both Early Years and Primary, and there are case studies from a variety of settings.

Anyone studying for a Foundation Degree, or working towards Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) status, will find this book meets their needs.

Rosemary SAGE is Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester, and is also the director of the Centre for Innovation in Research for Educational Achievement. She runs a variety of LEA course for teaching assistants around the country. She has published extensively, mostly with a focus on communication. Min Wilkie is Programme Leader for the Foundation Degree in Educational Studies for Teaching Assistants at the University of Leicester.

What Is Communication and Learning?
How Do Communication and Learning Develop?
How Can You Help Young Children to Communicate?
What Techniques Develop Speaking?
How Can You Help Young Children with Communication Difficulties?

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