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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Edited by:
  • John T. Mentzer - University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

February 2001 | 524 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Presenting a comprehensive model of supply chain management, experienced executives from 20 companies clearly define supply chain management, identifying those factors that contribute to its effective implementation. They provide practical guidelines on how companies can manage supply chains, addressing the role of all the traditional business functions in supply chain management and suggest how the adoption of a supply chain management approach can affect business strategy and corporate performance.
John T Mentzer et al
What Is Supply Chain Management?
Nancy W Nix
Supply Chain Management in the Global Environment
Nancy W Nix
The Consequences of Supply Chain Management
Creating Value, Satisfaction and Differential Advantage

Soonhong Min
The Role of Marketing in Supply Chain Management
Michael S Garver and Soonhong Min
The Dynamic Role of the Sales in Supply Chain Management
Zach G Zacharia
Research and Development in Supply Chain Management
Carlo D Smith
Improving Supply Chain Sales Forecasting
Zach G Zacharia
The Evolution and Growth of Production in Supply Chain Management
Nancy W Nix
Purchasing in a Supply Chain Context
Soonhong Min and James S Keebler
The Role of Logistics in the Supply Chain
Zach G Zacharia
The Evolution and Growth of Information Systems in Supply Chain Management
James S Keebler
Financial Issues in Supply Chain Management
Nancy W Nix
Customer Service in a Supply Chain Management Context
Soonhong Min
Interfunctional Coordination in Supply Chain Management
Soonhong Min
Inter-Corporate Cooperation in Supply Chain Management
James S Keebler
Measuring Performance in the Supply Chain
John T Mentzer
Managing the Supply Chain
Managerial Implications and Research and Managerial Implications


". . . gives great insight into new roles for traditional business functions." 

Barry W. Dale

"This book provides structure and clarity for a much talked about, but poorly understood, functional requirement of business which directly relates to profitability for all members of the supply chain." 

Mike West

"This book is one of the most comprehensive collection of Supply Chain analytics ever compiled by comparing numerous multi-dimensional models in a number of matrix environment." 

Herb Johnson
Premier, Inc.

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Dr Myron Raney
Business Division, Ohio Dominican University
November 16, 2013

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