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Successful Qualitative Research

Successful Qualitative Research
A Practical Guide for Beginners

First Edition
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March 2013 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
*Shortlisted for the BPS Book Award 2014 in the Textbook Category*

*Winner of the 2014 Distinguished Publication Award (DPA) from the Association for Women in  Psychology (AWP)*

Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners is an accessible, practical textbook. It sidesteps detailed theoretical discussion in favor of providing a comprehensive overview of strategic tips and skills for starting and completing successful qualitative research.

Uniquely, the authors provide a "patterns framework" to qualitative data analysis in this book, also known as "thematic analysis." The authors walk students through a basic thematic approach, and compare and contrast this with other approaches. This discussion of commonalities, explaining why and when each method should be used, and in the context of looking at patterns, will provide students with complete confidence for their qualitative research journey.

This textbook will be an essential textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates taking a course in qualitative research or using qualitative approaches in a research project.

Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here.

PART ONE: Successfully Getting Started in Qualitative Research
Chapter One: Some Very Important Starting Information
Chapter Two: 10 Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
Chapter Three: Planning and Designing Qualitative Research
PART TWO: Sucessfully Collecting Qualitative Data
Chapter Four: Interactive Data Collection 1: Interviews
Chapter Five: Interactive Data Collection 2: Focus Groups
Chapter Six: Textual Data Collection: Surveys, Stories, Diaries and Secondary Sources
PART THREE: Successfully analysing Qualitative Data
Chapter Seven: Preparing Audio Data for Analysis: Transcription
Chapter Eight: Moving Towards Analysis
Chapter Nine: First Analytic Steps: Familiarization and Data Coding
Chapter Ten: Identifying Patterns across Data
Chapter Eleven: Analyzing and Interpreting Patterns Across Data
PART FOUR: Successfully Completing Qualitative Research
Chapter Twelve: Quality Criteria and Techniques for Qualitative Research
Chapter Thirteen: Writing and Communicating Qualitative Research


This text is clear and well articulated favoring a strategic thematic approach providing for accessibility and excellent practical tips and hints for tacking complex qualitative data sets. This is an excellent text for students considering qualitative methodologies for their dissertation.

Ms Barbara Elizabeth Hannigan
School of Psychology, University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin
April 7, 2016

Well written with comprehensive detail on conducting qualitative research. Suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Mr Peter Allum
School of Health Professions, University of Plymouth
April 1, 2016

Excellent book for beginning and seasoned researchers - it is clear about the steps needed to undertake qualitative research

Ms Rhiannon Jones
Social Work, Keele University
March 4, 2016

Easy to read and understand guide to the qualitative research process particularly useful for analysis & thematic analysis. I will be adding to my relevant reading lists.

Mr Philip Russell
Department of Humanities, Tallaght Institute of Technology
March 2, 2016

Useful and detailed information on qualitative research for undergraduate students at all levels.

Miss Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi
Department of Health Studies, University of East London
January 25, 2016

This book is brilliant. Whilst it says on the cover this is for beginners, it's for everyone. Accessible to the novice and thought provoking for the more experienced. This is an essential book for quals researchers!

Miss Rebekah McNaughton
School of Health and Social Care, University of Teesside
December 15, 2015

A lively and accessible introduction to qualitative research, with lots of useful online resources for students.

Dr Daphne Josselin
Department of Psychology, City University
October 20, 2015

This is a very well written text, but, unlike its title, it is not 'just' a practical guide, and it goes far beyond 'beginner' level. Braun and Clarke have written extensively in the past about thematic analysis and very good coverage of that is included here, as is material on interviews, focus groups and quality criteria. Much of the material is of course available in other textbooks, but this brings things together in a way that is accessible for both those new to research and those already engaged in qual research.

Ms Vicky du-Caine
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
September 24, 2015

A great resource for introducing a variety of methods and practical advice on applying them.

Dr Clare Uytman
Psychology , Queen Margaret Univeristy
September 2, 2015

This is an excellent introduction to qualitative research. Many of my students have told me how useful they have found this text, particularly the sections on the advantages and disadvantages of various research methods.

Mrs Lois De cruz
School of Psychology, Keele University
May 28, 2015

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