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Successful Classroom Management and Discipline

Successful Classroom Management and Discipline
Teaching Self-Control and Responsibility

Third Edition

March 2009 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Successful Classroom Management and Discipline focuses on both how to prevent classroom issues and on how to respond to problems that do arise. Authors Tom Savage and Martha K. Savage highlight an ever-important and measurable goal for educators: to facilitate their students' development of self control and responsibility.
1. Managing the Contemporary Classroom
2. Learning to be an Effective Classroom Manager
3. Classroom Behavior and Motivation: The Essential Link
4. Managing the Learning Environment
5. Managing Instruction
6. When Misbehavior Occurs
7. When Problems are Minor
8. Responding to Persistent Misbehavior
9. Violence and Serious Misbehavior
10. Bullies and Bullying
11. Conflict Resolution
12. Legal Dimensions of Classroom Management and Discipline

Compliments previous edition we started using 10 years ago.

Professor Christine Wenk
Education, LeMoyne College
June 28, 2013

Already using updated to latest edition

Mr Theo Thedford
Student Services, Shorter University
December 15, 2011

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