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Subject knowledge boosters

Subject knowledge boosters

Over the course of your training you will be given a good foundation in to developing your subject knowledge, with particular emphasis on the core subjects. Our subject knowledge boosters provide you that little extra when you need it most.

Maths problems explained

Maths problems explained

Watch these worked solution videos to get your head around key mathematical processes. They have been illustrated and talked through by Derek Haylock himself.

The big ideas in maths

The big ideas in maths

Understanding maths means understanding the big ideas. Here’s a free resource to help you do just that. 

Solve my maths

Handy hints

Lose yourself in a world of maths fun by checking out our author Ed Southall’s website. You’ll find helpful blogs, maths problems, past exam papers, maths Mr Men, humour and much more.


English knowledge audit

English knowledge audit

There'll be some things you know, some things you don't. Test your knowledge to find out where your strengths lie.

Take the spag quiz

Take the spag quiz

Grammar, punctuation and spelling is an important component of the curriculum. How good is your subject knowledge? Try this short quiz to find out

Phonics schemes

Phonics schemes you must know

All the phonics vitals to boost your knowledge.


Science experiments

Science experiments

Explore some key science principles and how to put them into practice in the classroom with these activities and videos.

Science glossary

Science jargon

Know you’re ‘asteroid’ from your ‘wavelength’? Build your knowledge with this glossary of science terms 

Understand the importance of science

Why teach science

Understand the importance of science and be inspired.


Key geography skills

Geographical enquiry and skills

The key skills any primary school geographer needs.

Tech talk cards

IT and computing

Download our Tech Talk cards with key terms clearly explained. 

Elements of art

Building blocks of art

Understanding the key elements of how art is created. 


History timeline

A brief history

Check out our quick and accessible history timeline for primary schools, or learn how to teach concepts of chronology and change with an excerpt from James Percival's Understanding & Teaching Primary History.

Teaching languages

Languages in primary school

Read a free sample chapter on how teaching and learning languages benefits a school and its children.

Guide to teaching primary music

Teaching primary music

Learn about different musical technologies in a sample of Alison Daubney's great guide to teaching music in primary schools.


Guide to primary school PE

Teaching physical education

Use this helpful lesson planner from Julia Lawrence's Teaching Primary Physical Education to ensure you're prepared for any "curveballs" thrown your way.

Green background with a white outline of some playing cards.

Let's talk about P-S-H-E

PSHE education is an important area and perhaps one you may not pay as much attention to as you should during your teacher training. We encourage you to read this chapter for an inintial introduction to PSHE so you go in to schools with key theoretical foundations and ideas.