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Studying Aging and Social Change

Studying Aging and Social Change
Conceptual and Methodological Issues

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September 1997 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Questioning the boundaries between self and society, change and stability, the author includes classic treatments on generations by Karl Mannheim and Norman Ryder and presents a new theoretical contribution that explores the meaning of `aging' as a social process. Each of the six new essays develops a central theoretical concept, linking that concept to issues of research design and analysis. By re-examining the assumptions that underlie our approaches to the study of change, this volume provides key insights into how we can understand fundamental social processes such as: human development and socialization; the formation of public opinion and political identity; and the shaping of collective action and group behaviour.
Melissa A Hardy and Linda Waite
Doing Time
Reconciling Biography with History in the Study of Social Change

K Mannheim
The Problem of Generations
Norman B Ryder
The Cohort as a Concept in the Study of Social Change
Lawrence Hazelrigg
On the Importance of Age
Eliza K Pavalko
Beyond Trajectories
Multiple Concepts for Analyzing Long-Term Process

Glenn Firebaugh and Dana L Haynie
Using Repeated Surveys To Study Aging and Social Change
Duane F Alwin
Aging, Social Change and Conservatism
The Link between Historical and Biographical Time in the Study of Political Identities

John R Nesselroade and David L Featherman
Establishing a Reference Frame against Which To Chart Age-Related Changes

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