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Coaching has a multifaceted nature that aims to increase development through personal support, training and guidance. 

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Coaching & Mentoring Research: A practical guide


This highly engaging guidebook provides an accessible introduction to research methods and the research process within the coaching and mentoring context. Starting with an introduction to the basic principles of research theory and practice, explaining why we need to do research at all, what it is, why it's important, and moving on to cover the ins and outs of actually doing research, this book provides students with everything they need to know all in one place.

Packed full of case studies, activities and hints and tips for best practice, this book throws a life belt to all coaching and mentoring trainees and practitioners looking to make the best start in their research career.   

Coming in June! 


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The counselling and psychotherapy hub is full of useful links, book chapters, interactive videos and more. Here are a few books to add to your collection of resources:


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The Complete Handbook of Coaching 

This book provides a wide-ranging guide to the complex, multidisciplinary area of coaching. New online resources in this edition help trainees to make the crucial link between theory and practice.

"This book, with its comprehensive approach, rich insights, and diverse perspectives is an ideal jumping off point for coaches who want to thrive"

- David Peterson, Director, Executive Coaching and Leader Development, Google Inc

Take a look at the resource page for helpful videos, case studies, journal articles and further online reading from recommended websites 

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An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide cover image

An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A practical guide

An Introduction to Coaching Skills is an invaluable resource for novice and trainee coaches. Its accessible, step-by-step style acquaints readers with the key skills needed to become a successful coach. A world-wide success, this is a stimulating, inspiring and hugely practical book that you’ll come back to time and time again.

"Finally, a text that encapsulates theory, application, ethics, supervision, anecdotal examples, visual demonstrations and concepts such as "the way of being" that are often intangible. This text is a must for all students studying in the area of coaching and counselling- a one-stop shop. For many years teaching coaching and counselling in higher education we have suggested recommended, but not essential texts, as each book often acts as a silo to one piece of critical learning in the area. Van Nieuwerburgh second edition will become our prescribed text, a foundation to advance university learnings."

- Dr Suzanne Vidler, School of Psychology, Faculty of Health, Deakin University

First things first: Read this sample chapter to see why this book is the perfect help for your coaching needs. 


Motivational Career Counselling and Coaching: Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches cover image

Motivational Career Counselling and Coaching

This thoroughly practical book combines cognitive and behavioural approaches with vocational counselling and coaching for the first time, providing clear, practical strategies and a wealth of materials that can be used with clients in one-to-one or group settings.


Starting Out in Coaching? 

If you’re new to coaching you’re probably being introduced to concepts and ideas that you’re not yet familiar with. We’ve gathered some resources which answer common questions, and give advice on structuring that first session. 

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