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Student Study Guide With IBM® SPSS® Workbook for Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Student Study Guide With IBM® SPSS® Workbook for Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Second Edition (International Student Edition)

April 2018 | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Student Study Guide With SPSS Workbook for Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences includes a review of chapter learning objectives, chapter outlines and key terms, essential statistical formulas, special tips and insights for students, and chapter summaries. To help students practice skills, the guide offers word searches and crossword puzzles for each chapter, extensive practice quizzes linked to chapter learning objectives, and "SPSS in Focus" exercises which complement those in the book.
Part I. Introduction and Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistics
Chapter 2: Summarizing Data: Frequency Distributions in Tables and Graphs
Chapter 3: Summarizing Data: Central Tendency
Chapter 4: Summarizing Data: Variability
Part II. Probability and the Foundations of Inferential Statistics
Chapter 5: Probability, Normal Distributions, and z scores
Chapter 6: Characteristics of the Sample Mean
Chapter 7: Hypothesis Testing: Significance, Effect Size, and Power
Part III. Making Inferences About One or Two Means
Chapter 8: Testing Means: One-Sample t Test With Confidence Intervals
Chapter 9: Testing Means: Two-Independent-Sample t Test With Confidence Intervals
Chapter 10: Testing Means: The Related-Samples t Test With Confidence Intervals
Part IV. Making Inferences About the Variability of Two or More Means
Chapter 11: One-Way Analysis of Variance: Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects (Repeated-Measures) Designs
Chapter 12: Two-Way Analysis of Variance: Between-Subjects Factorial Design
Part V. Making Inferences About Patterns, Prediction, and Nonparametric Tests
Chapter 13: Correlation and Linear Regression
Chapter 14: Chi-Square Tests: Goodness-of-Fit and the Test for Independence

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ISBN: 9781544328027