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Stress and Job Performance

Stress and Job Performance
Theory, Research, and Implications for Managerial Practice

November 1998 | 143 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this volume, the author provides a comprehensive, research-based examination of the relationship between occupational stress and job performance. He presents a concise overview of the field, a clear explanation of terms and concepts and a summary of relevant theoretical models of the stress process. The relationship between major job-related stressors such as workload, interpersonal conflict, and lack of control and a variety of performance indices are closely examined as are a number of other factors that may affect the relationship between occupational stress and job performance, including gender differences, age, personality and job experience. The book concludes with a consideration of issues for future research investigations.
An Introduction to Occupational Stress
Stressors in the Workplace
Job Performance as an Outcome Variable
The Evidence
Empirical Research on Stressors and Job Performance

Individual Differences Impacting Stressor-Performance Relationships
Future Issues in the Study of Occupational Stress and Job Performance

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