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Step Up

Step Up
Women’s Journey to Identity, Success and Power

First Edition

February 2020 | 256 pages | SAGE Response

Step Up is a transformative journey that provides women with the necessary tools to become powerful leaders. It is an ‘inner journey’ to reveal commonly held beliefs that women have of themselves and others, as well as patterns of behaviour and choices that form the lens through which they see the world. Being aware of this allows them to look at the world differently and make impactful changes in their professional lives.Borrowing from the well-known frameworks of Generative Leadership (GL) and Transactional Analysis (TA), the book provides an inside-out approach advocating potent practices that can create effective leadership.

Foreword by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Foreword by Bob Dunham
Understanding Our Inner World
We See Things as We Are
Many Parts to Ourselves
Reclaiming Our Power with GREENs
Design Your Future
Design Effective Action
Being Present
The Five-Finger Solution
Assessments and Assertions
Wind Beneath Your Wings

The content of this book will resonate with most women leaders and emerging leaders too. It really resonates with me. It is simple and yet so powerful … it empowers. So well thought out and a mustread for everyone who is wanting to make a difference in their live, to shift ‘the lens’, break the glass ceiling and forge ahead.

Radhika Baliga,
Director—Finance, IT & Operations, Jungheinrich

Self-discovery is never easy—Step Up enables you to pause, reflect and absorb what you need. You can always come back for more or pick up where you left off with a high degree of continuity and connectedness. What makes this book more appealing is that it spans generations, so no matter where you are in life’s journey, there is something in it for you. Most interestingly, and refreshingly (I must say), I found that there is much to learn from the examples of the ‘younger you’, the ‘you today’ or the ‘future you’ across this book. It is most likely to be your ‘pick-me-up’ book for a long time.

Amrita Madiah,
Director Talent Development, Diversity Champion and Adobe & Women Network Lead, Adobe India

Sailaja has written an essential read for professional women who want to up their game! She has a powerful way of presenting essential wisdom in a useful and practical way. Readers will be emboldened and empowered to generate their best selves, no matter where they are in their career.

Terrie Upshur-Lupberger,
MCC and author, The Big Re-think

Step Up does something remarkable as one reads through. Using anecdotes, experiences and theory, it compels one to reflect on one’s own past, view patterns and see them playing out in the present, build belief that change is possible and, most importantly, help one work through these changes. It is almost like there is someone who is handholding you, step by step to stepping up. It also brings in a unique understanding to gender and how gender norms play out. Excellent read for anyone who is willing to selfreflect and look at a different realm to themselves.

Madhumitha Venkataraman,
Diversity and Inclusion Evangelist, Founder Diversity Dialogues

Sailaja combines a sense of perspective, a deep and sensitive understanding of what it truly means to lead from within, with and without a framework that allows everyone be inspired and act. This book is a wonderfully fresh and a practical take on what it means to lead in a highly interdependent world.

Step Up provides a wonderful framework for a dialogue for action between our inner seeker and outer solver. Sailaja beautifully combines a rigorous framework with a toolkit that inspires thoughtful, generous and kind actions, all designed to unfurl the genius within all of us.

Bhawani Singh Shekhawat,
CEO, Akshaya Patra Europe

Corporate India lacks women in leadership roles. Women are falling behind at every level, especially just outside the gilded doors of the C-suite.

 Step Up allows women to challenge the unique barriers to their advancement and explore their leadership potential through a distinctive inside-out approach. The tools used are transformational and a great reference for women to Step Up and start leading!

Neha Bagaria,
Founder and CEO, JobsForHer

Women take on more ‘avatars’ at any given time! In her quest to excel at all of them, she starts mentally cataloguing which one can sometimes take a backseat.

Her relationship with her career has been a bone of contention; hence she needs a ‘Step Up’ to bring it to the forefront to take her on her journey of excellence in her career as well.

Shachi Irde,
Chief Consulting Partner & Advisor to Catalyst Inc.

Step Up is obviously a successful effort. With two shining forewards by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Bob Dunham.. Step Up is a commendable effort and parts of it can prove to be genuinely useful for working women. It serves as a good guide for women to understand their own potentials. Thinking they’re not qualified enough, afraid of speaking up if they don’t know much about a subject, and self-censoring are some of the many ways women stop themselves from taking on roles that are not just meant for them but can also flourish under their leadership. Step Up addresses these issues quite well.”

Feminism in India, 5 December 2019

I'm not one to read too many self-help books but I do have to admit that this book might prove helpful for women from various work backgrounds…The things that I absolutely enjoyed about this book are the scenarios that Sailaja has provided as an example to help readers understand the problems that exist…It's refreshing and very practical too. Sailaja is a psychotherapist, leadership coach and a psychologist so she does know what she's dealing with while addressing plenty of cases where things could have been handled better. I recommend it.”

Krutika Puranik (Blogger), Amazon/Instagram/Goodreads, 24 November 2019

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