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Statistics without Mathematics

Statistics without Mathematics

October 2015 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is a book about the ideas that drive statistics. It is an ideal primer for students who need an introduction to the concepts of statistics without the added confusion of technical jargon and mathematical language.

It introduces the intuitive thinking behind standard procedures, explores the process of informal reasoning, and uses conceptual frameworks to provide a foundation for students new to statistics. It showcases the expertise we have all developed from living in a data saturated society, increases our statistical literacy and gives us the tools needed to approach statistical mathematics with confidence.

Key topics include:

  • Variability
  • Standard Distributions
  • Correlation
  • Relationship
  • Sampling
  • Inference  

An engaging, informal introduction this book sets out the conceptual tools required by anyone undertaking statistical procedures for the first time or for anyone needing a fresh perspective whilst studying the work of others.

Introduction: Before We Begin
Chapter 1: Picturing Variability
Chapter 2: Interpreting Variability
Chapter 3: Three Standard Distributions
Chapter 4: Summarising Variation
Chapter 5: The Analysis of Variation
Chapter 6: Covariation
Chapter 7: Sampling
Chapter 8: Introduction to the Ideas of Inference
Chapter 9: Sampling Distributions and More on Inference
Chapter 10: Inference about Averages
Chapter 11: Binary Data
Chapter 12: Goodness of fit
Chapter 13: Unobserved Variables
Chapter 14: Retrospect

It is an ideal book for students who need an introduction to statistics.

Dr Muhammet Ali Tiltay
Management , Osmangazi University
April 9, 2015

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