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Sports Law in India

Sports Law in India
Policy, Regulation and Commercialization

Edited by:
  • Lovely Dasgupta - Assistant Professor (Law), W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata
  • Shameek Sen - Assistant Professor (Law), W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.


July 2018 | 300 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Sports is probably one of the greatest instruments of social cohesion in today’s conflict-stricken world. It has grown from being just an activity for leisure to an activity that is treated as an industry and like all industries, there are innumerable issues that crop up day in and day out. Sports Law in India: Policy, Regulation and Commercialization presents the legal challenges that sports faces in India today and further debates on the numerous legal issues, policies and regulations that have arisen and are most likely to arise in the near future. It discusses current issues such as spot fixing, public access to sporting events, doping controversies, concerns about religion in sports, and broadcasting law and taxation of earnings from sports. The book also compares the recent legal developments in India with the international sports law to provide a better understanding.

Justice Mukul Mudgal
Mahendra Pal Singh and Akhilendra P Singh
Chapter I: Constitution and Sports in India
P Ishwara Bhat
Chapter II: Impact of Non-Profit Laws on Sports in India
Vidushpat Singhania, Nitin Mittal and Gautam Karhadkar
Chapter III: Current Issues within Sports Law in India
Shivam Singh and Shreeyash Uday Lalit
Chapter IV: Public Interest Litigation and Sports in India
Agnidipto Tarafder and Carmel Sharma
Chapter V: Privacy Issues and Sports in India
Richa R Mulchandani
Chapter VI: Doping and Sports in India
Saurabh Mishra and Shreya Mishra
Chapter VII: Religious Dictates and Sports in India
Daniel Mathew
Chapter VIII: Arbitration and Sports Disputes in India
David McArdle
Chapter IX: Image Rights and Sports in India
Saurabh Bhattacharjee
Chapter X: Broadcasting of Sports in India
Chapter XI: Commercialisation of Sports and Indian Franchise Leagues Shameek Sen
Chapter XII: Way Forward for Sports in India Lovely Dasgupta

“Sports in India hasn't evolved, like say, industry has. It has, well, just happened. And so it is necessary to look at the issues that are critical to its governance and even regulation. This book helps do that and so is beneficial not just to sports lawyers, but also to journalists, sportspersons and sports enthusiasts.”

Harsha Bhogle,
Indian cricket commentator and journalist

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ISBN: 9789352806782