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Sports Journalism

Sports Journalism
Context and Issues

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June 2006 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Boyle’s study is essential reading for all students, teachers and researchers of sports journalism.
- Journalism

"Very clear and accessible, addressing key and complex issues in a plain and clearcut way."
-Alan Tomlinson, University of Brighton

Across all media; print, broadcast as well as online, sports journalism has come to occupy an increasingly visible space. This book looks at the institutional, cultural and economic environment and provides an invaluable overview of contemporary sports journalism across all media forms. The book:

  • Situates sports journalism within the broader historical, economic, technological and cultural contexts.
  • Examines the commercialisation of sport and the impact this is having on sports journalism.
  • Looks at the relationship between PR and journalism.
  • Considers the gendered nature of the industry and the impact of digital technology on professional practice.
Sports Journalism and Journalism about Sports

Engaging with Sports Journalism
Issues and Context

Sports Journalism
The Print Media Tradition

Sports Journalism or Sports Broadcasting?
Sports Journalism in the Age of 24/7 Media
Sports Journalism in the Promotional Age
Sports Journalism in the Digital Environment
Gendered Sport, Gendered Journalism?
The Image and Statue of the Sports Journalist
Sport, Journalism and Society


"I applaud Boyle's book as an attempt to study an important field of journalism that is too often ignored or note taken seriously.  News organizations devote massive resources to sports coverage and even the most erudite people often are avid followers of at least one sport.  Sports journalism deserves and requires serious analysis such as this book provides."


Eileen Wirth
Creighton University

"One of the major strengths of the book is that Boyle interviewed widely within the industry and thus his narrative offers a diverse range of understanding and analysis of sports journalism."
American Journalism

David W. Bulla
Iowa State University
American Journalism

An essential text for all students of this field. It explores the questions that all future sports journalists need to be asking themselves - about the relationship between sport and money, sport and the media, sport and PR, even sport and politics. A thorough analysis of the forces at work that - in Boyle's words - are changing what sports journalism is and who sports journalists are.

Mrs Jenny Kean
pr & communications, Leeds Metropolitan University
June 15, 2012

Very good book. takes unique point of view. I will definitely intend to add it to my syllabus

Dr Ilan Tamir
Department of Political Science, Bar-Ilan University
August 8, 2011

This is a perfect book to accompany any sports journalism course.

It gives learners the background on how the media affects sport and vice versa.

I would recommend this book for any journalism student who has an interest in sport as it will provide the knowledge they need to be a thought-provoking sports writer or reporter, to cut through the public relations speak and also to adopt the kind of technology needed for modern sports reporting.

It also sets out how reporting on sport has changed from a predominently print background to today's hi-tech, multi-media coverage.

Mr Ian Barnsley
East Coast Media, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
May 26, 2011

An interesting textbook and one which many students will find helpful. For degrees that offer sports journalism as a module this will be a valuable text book. For degrees in which students perhaps want to specialist this will make good supplementary reading. Of particular use to those students perhaps conducting studies and research into the world of sports journalism.

Mr Kenny Toal
Journalism, Edinburgh Napier University
August 5, 2010

Another invaluable title which deals in depth with the arena of sports journalism. Packed with ideas and angles from which to approach sports reporting.

Mr Colm Griffith
School of Journalism, Media and Communication, Central Lancashire University
November 13, 2009

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