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Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education

Four Volume Set
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November 2016 | 1 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This collection offers a guide to the core issues in the field of sociology of education, drawing on historically-significant material as well as contemporary sources, and offering perspectives from varied and diverse scholarship from across the world. While education is a major policy preoccupation in both ‘developed' countries and emergent economies, sociological knowledge about education is becoming more and more varied and dispersed, as new directions develop in response to older assumptions, and new and rapidly changing policy problems drive enquiry in different directions.

This major work responds to the challenge presented by diversity and differences of perspective in the field, drawing on a wide range of specialisms that allows researchers to ‘see' the field clearly, to understand its development over time, and appreciate its enduring contribution to knowledge.

Volume One: Theories & Methodologies in use

Volume Two: Politics and Policy

Volume Three: Equalities & Identities

Volume Four: Pedagogies & Institutions
VOLUME ONE: Theories and Methodologies in Use
On Education and Society

Émile Durkheim
The Sociology of Education

Jean Floud and A.H. Halsey
Functional and Conflict Theories of Educational Stratification

Randall Collins
Michel Foucault on Education: A Preliminary Theoretical Overview

Roger Deacon
The Forms of Capital

Pierre Bourdieu
Understanding Structure and Agency

Sharon Gewirtz and Alan Cribb
The Effects of Education as an Institution

John W. Meyer
Weber on Education and Its Administration: Prospects for Leadership in a Rationalized World

Eugenie Samier`
Working-Class Families and the New Secondary Education

R.W. Connell
The Geography of Inequality: Why Separate Means Unequal in American Public Schools

John R. Logan, Elisabeta Minca and Sinem Adar
Constructing the Sociology of Education as a Unique Discipline: The Cases of Mainland China and Taiwan

Chang, J. and Renjie, Z.
Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and the Primacy of Racism: Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in Education?

David Gillborn
Diminishing the Divisions among Us: Reading and Writing across Difference in Theory and Method in the Sociology of Education

Lois Weis, Heather Jenkins and Amy Stich
Renewing Sociology of Education? Knowledge Spaces, Situated Enactments, and Sociological Practice in a World on the Move

Terri Seddon
Teachers’ Work: Institutional Isomorphism and Cultural Variation in the US, Germany and Japan

Gerald K. Le Tendre, David P. Baker, Motoko Akiba, Brian Goesling and Alex Wiseman
VOLUME TWO: Politics and Policy
Promoting Educational Reforms in Weak States: The Case of Radical Policy Discontinuity in Peru

Maria Balarin
New Philanthropy, New Networks and New Governance in Education

Stephen J. Ball
Policy Spaces, Mobile Discourses, and the Definition of Educated Identities

Jason Beech
Politics, Markets and the Organization of Schools

John E. Chubb and Terry M. Moe
Specifying Globalization Effects on National Policy: A Focus on the Mechanisms

Roger Dale
What Is Enlightenment?

Foucault, M.
Consumption, Personalisation and Education Policy

David Hartley
The Knowledge Society and Global Dynamics in Education Politics

Anja P. Jacobi
Educational Evaluation: A Basis for, or a Legitimation of, Educational Policy

Ulf P. Lundgren
Policy Inroads Undermining Women in Education

Catherine Marshall and Michelle Young
Reimagining Attraction and ‘Borrowing’ in Education: Introducing a Political Production Model

Jeremy Rappleye
Decolonizing the Evidence-based Education and Policy Movement: Revealing the Colonial Vestiges in Educational Policy, Research, and Neoliberal Reform

Riyad Ahmed Shahjahan
Traveling Policies: Hijacked in Central Asia

Iveta Silova
The Capitalist State and Public Policy Formation ­– Framework for a Political Sociology of Educational Policy Making

Carlos Alberto Torres
The Fabrications and Travels of a Knowledge-Policy Instrument

Luis Miguel Carvalho
Schooling in Capitalist America Revisited

Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
VOLUMETHREE: Equalities & Identities
Cherokee School Society and the Intercultural Classroom

Robert Dumont, Jr. and Murray L. Wax
Gender Inequality in Education: Accounting for Women's Subordination

Nelly P. Stromquist
New Modes of Reproducing Social Inequality in Education: The Changing Role of Parents, Teachers, Schools and Educational Policies

Agnès van Zanten
Two Paths to Inequality in Educational Outcomes: Family Background and Educational Selection in the United States and Norway

Liza Reisel
Social Class and Educational Attainment: A Comparative Study of England, Wales, and Scotland

Lindsay Paterson and Cristina Iannelli
Privatization Reform and Inequality of Educational Opportunity: The Case of Chile

Florencia Torche
Excluding the Included: A Reconsideration of Inclusive Education

Roger Slee and Julie Allan
Race, Nation and Education: An Overview of British Attempts to ‘Manage Diversity’ Since the 1950s

Farzana Shain
Internationalisation of Higher Education in South Korea: Reality, Rhetoric, and Disparity in Academic Culture and Identities

Terri Kim
Fields and Institutional Strategy: Bourdieu on the Relationship between Higher Education, Inequality and Society

Rajani Naidoo
Student Self-Formation in International Education

Simon Marginson
The Aftermath of Race: The Politics and Perils of Theorizing Racial Identities in Education in the Age of Information

Cameron McCarthy
Why Ethnic Minority Children Are More Likely to Drop Out of School: A Cultural Capital Perspective–Evidence from Ethnic Minority Rural Communities in the Northwest

Sun Bacai and Xu Jingjian
Poverty, Education, Gender and the Millennium Development Goals: Reflections on Boundaries and Intersectionality

Elaine Unterhalter
Atmospheres of Progress in a Data-based School

Matt Finn
VOLUMEFOUR: Pedagogies & Institutions
Education and College Culture

Marten Shipman
The ‘New’ Sociology of Education and the Study of Learning Environments: Prospects and Problems

Lawrence J. Saha
The Organizational Structure of the School

William B. Tyler
Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Gloria Ladson-Billings
The New Work Order and the Australian Schools

Shirley Grundy and Stewart Bonser
Literacy and Pedagogy in Flux: Constructing the Object of Study from a Bernsteinian Perspective

Gemma Moss
Knowledge and the Curriculum in the Sociology of Education: Towards a Reconceptualisation

Rob Moore and Michael Young
Social Class and Pedagogic Practice

Basil Bernstein
Gender Equality, Pedagogy and Citizenship: Affirmative and Transformative Approaches in the UK

Madeleine Arnot
On the Reception of Foucauldian Ideas in Pedagogical Research

Helena Ostrowicka
The Assembling of Schooling: Discussing Concepts and Models for Understanding the Historical Production of Modern Schooling

Inés Dussel
Understanding Learning Cultures

Phil Hodkinson, Gert Biesta and David James
Knowledge and Cognition: The Sociology of Knowledge Reconsidered

Gerard Delanty
Local Tradition, International Engagement: Challenges for the Asian Professoriate

Anthony Welch
Analyzing Schools as Organizations: Long-Term Permanence and Short-Term Change

Charles E. Bidwell
A New Professionalism? Challenges and Opportunities

Julia Evetts