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Social Work Competences

Social Work Competences
Core Knowledge, Values and Skills

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January 1996 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`[A]ims to clarify how competent practice emerges from the integration of knowledge, values and skills.... It includes fairly detailed discussion of core values, knowledge and skills, devoting a chapter to each and going on to make links with particular areas of work. Thoughtful cross referencing between contributors and extensive reference to research and other relevant literature promotes appreciation that competent practice requires integration' - Child and Family Social Work

This original textbook provides an invaluable introduction to the required core knowledge, values and skills in social work today. Within the context of critical debate about knowledge, values and skills, a highly respected team of contributors focus their attention on three key areas: social work with children and families; community care and social work with adults; and probation and social work with offenders.

One of the most important and innovative features of the text is that it offers a practical tool for readers to identify and monitor competences. Knowledge, values and skills are integrated to produce a set of competences, the main components of which are then shown in practice as problem-solving devices against which readers can evaluate their own understanding of competent and effective practice.

Antony A Vass
The Quest for Quality

Helen Cosis Brown
The Knowledge Base of Social Work
Jennifer Pearce
The Values of Social Work
Jane Dutton and Ravi Kohli
The Core Skills of Social Work
Ravi Kohli and Jane Dutton
Social Work with Children and Families
Beverley Morgan
Community Care and Social Work with Adults
Antony A Vass
Crime, Probation and Social Work with Offenders
Antony A Vass
Competence in Social Work and Probation Practice

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