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Social Scientific Research

Social Scientific Research

September 2018 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Offering an engaging and entertaining introduction to research methods, this is a practical and easy-to-use companion for all new researchers and students in the social sciences. Covering all the key stages of the research process, this book guides students in navigating some of the biggest challenges in developing a research project.


This book:


·         Uses real-life everyday examples, connecting research methods to your experiences

·         Includes dedicated chapters on identifying a research question, ethics and writing up your findings

·         Comprises an array of activities, tips, illustrations and international case studies

·         Covers qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research
·         Digital resources for including SAGE Videos, journal articles, activities and more

Bringing methods to life for students across the social sciences, this book will provide you with the confidence you need to get your research off the ground.

I. Introduction
Chapter 1: What is Social Science Research?
Chapter 2: Research Ethics
Chapter 3: Identifying a Research Question
Chapter 4: Conducting the Literature Review
II. Argumentation
Chapter 5: Building Effective Concepts
Chapter 6: Making Strong Arguments
III. Qualitative Methods and Analysis
Chapter 7: Overview
Chapter 8: Interviews
Chapter 9: Focus Groups
Chapter 10: Participant Observation
Chapter 11: Process Tracing
Chapter 12: Comparative-Case Method
IV. Quantitative Methods and Analysis
Chapter 13: Overview
Chapter 14: Measurement
Chapter 15: Quantitative Data
Chapter 16: Content Analysis
Chapter 17: Survey Analysis
Chapter 18: Observational Studies
Chapter 19: Experiments
V. Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 20: Mixed Methods Research: A Typology
VI. Conclusion
Chapter 21: Social Scientific Writing

An exceptionally broad, clear, and fair-minded treatment of social science research methodology

John Gerring, Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin

John Gerring
University of Texas

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