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Social Media for Journalists

Social Media for Journalists
Principles and Practice

First Edition

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May 2013 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"Untangles the jargon and sets out the route-map for how the social network can enable us to become major contributors to the multiplatform digital age. The right message, the right time - this is the right book for taking advantage of it all." - Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

The essential guide to understanding and harnessing the tools of journalism today, Meagan Knight and Clare Cook show you how to master the enduring rules of good practice and the new techniques of social media.  The book gives a thorough guide to principles and practice, including:

  • How to find, write and break stories with social media
  • An online journalism toolkit to get you started
  • Using crowdsourcing to find and follow stories
  • Getting on top of user-generated content
  • The ins and outs of copyright and ethics
  • Building your brand and making money
  • The new economy of journalism and how to get ahead.

More than a simple 'how-to' guide, this book takes you to the next level with its integration of theory and practice. It is a one-stop guide for students and practitioners of journalism.
Introduction: Networked Journalism
Finding the Story
Producing Content in a Social Landscape
Data Journalism and Crowdsourcing
Distributing the Story
Citizen Journalism and the Public Sphere
Collaborative Journalism and User-Generated Content
Ethics and the Code of Conduct
Truth and Verification
Journalism and the Law
Freelancing and Building Your Brand
Becoming a Media Entrepreneur
The Business of Networked Journalism
Conclusion: News in a New Media Ecology


We are entering the new golden age of journalism - and here is a great resource for journalists wishing to seize its opportunities. This is the book that untangles the jargon and sets out the route-map for how the social network can enable us to become major contributors to the multiplatform digital age. The right message, the right time - this is the right book for taking advantage of it all.

Jon Snow
Channel 4 News


This is a brave book. How social media and journalism overlap and interact is a vital area for analysis. It's a rapidly evolving part of the media industry but this book meets the challenge head on - with spirit and personality.

James Blake
Director, Centre for Media and Culture, Edinburgh Napier University


Social media has had a profound impact on the news industry. It has revolutionized the way the mainstream media engages with its audiences. It has given journalists incredibly powerful new tools to find, verify and tell stories and opened the means of publication to all. There is no doubt it offers great opportunities but it also poses great challenges and questions. What are the ethics and values of journalism in 2013, who controls the media and how can the traditional, big media build new relationships? This book is an excellent and much-needed guide for any journalist working in an increasingly complex media environment.

David Hayward
BBC College of Journalism

This is an important area as journalism continues to evolve and develop and is part of the curriculum across practice-based delivery in News Journalism as well as academic discussions in politics and law and regulation subjects.

Elizabeth McLaughlin
Creative & Cultural Industries Research, University of the West of Scotland
January 26, 2022

A clear easily accessible read.

Ms Mary Williams
School of Social Historical and Literary Studies, Portsmouth University
March 10, 2015

This is a solid introduction to the use of social media in journalism. It outlines the key aspects well and deals with both the theory of their use and how they are used in practice.

Allan Boughey
School of Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University
March 9, 2015

Wonderful resource for my students. It is easy to follow. I love it!!!

Dr Bevelyn Dube
Mass Communications , University of Venda
February 18, 2015

This is an excellent book on how journalists can use social media as a powerful tool for newsgathering and dissemination. Journalism students will find this a very readable, informative and professionally essential guide.

Mrs Deborah Robinson
Department of Journalism, University of Central Lancashire
June 3, 2014

Social Media for Journalists is very helpful and practical. It is easy to understand and applicable. A good guideline to the course.

Dr Sonia Nelson
Dept of Mass Communication, Sultan Qaboos University
May 11, 2014

But recommended to another course leader.

Mr Paul Lashmar
School of Arts, Brunel University
March 2, 2014

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