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Social Marketing Casebook

Social Marketing Casebook

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Social Marketing

October 2011 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Social Marketing Casebook brings together for the first time a dedicated collection of social marketing case studies and vignettes from around the world.

Each case study is explored from the scoping and research stage right through to evaluation, providing the reader with a complete overview of the most important building blocks in social marketing and how these can be applied to the real world, including:

- Insights from the key people involved in social marketing and the identification of the common themes associated with successful social marketing strategies.

- An international range of cases from the health, environmental and civic sectors, from national and governmental programmes to local, small-budget interventions;

- Comprehensive coverage of the whole process, from strategy, and implementation, through to the challenges and lessons learned; and

- Academic exercises, discussion questions and references to reinforce student learning.

This book demystifies social marketing for undergraduate and postgraduate marketing and health studies students, as well as practitioners in government, public institutions, NGOs and private organisations looking to develop more effective social change programmes.

Key Principles and Concepts of Social Marketing
Planning Social Marketing
Developing Culturally Sensitive Interventions
Community-Based Social Marketing
Segmenting Target Audiences
Using Theory to Develop Effective Interventions
Inroads into Africa: Enabling Local Services
Being Honest about Challenges
Reaching the 'Hard to Reach'
Using a Full Intervention Mix
Using Service 'Pull' to Complement Customer 'Push'
Working with Local Services
Building Strong Communications into the Marketing Mix
Using Enforcement in the Methods Mix
Creating Access to the Right Products
Co-Production with the Private Sector
'Franchising' Social Marketing
Changing Behaviour Holistically
The Importance of Evaluation
Overview and Top Tips


This casebook is another first-rate addition to the growing armamentarium of seminal works in social marketing for both practitioners and students. It effectively combines theory and frameworks with detailed case studies that make concepts and tools much more than academic exercises
Alan R. Andreasen
Professor of Marketing, Georgetown University

Good marketing builds on what has been learned by others and this publication, with its case studies, offers a great way for social marketers to accelerate their learning by borrowing from the experiences of others
Iain Potter
CEO, The Health Sponsorship Council, New Zealand

An excellent useful book which provides detailed cases studies for students and practitioners.

Mr Michael Parsons
Faculty of Business and Society, University of South Wales
April 2, 2014

This is an ideal book for students to get a feel for the various social marketing projects that have already been implemented. My students have to do group project, creating a social marketing campaign for a social cause: this has been essential reading for them.

Mr Alan Shaw
Business, Sheffield Hallam University
January 19, 2014

Fantastic for providing supplemental resources to students!

Dr Yioula Melanthiou
Marketing Depart, University of Nicosia
November 7, 2012

Not enough in book to cover entire course. Will return if you desire.

Dr Phylis Mansfield
School Of Business, Pennsylvania State Erie - Behrend College
November 4, 2012

I work a lot with healthcare managers and doctors who try to create awareness for treatments or how to prevent certain diseases. This book helps me a lot to give them a hands on approach to get their message across. The vignettes are also helpful in order to support my teaching.

Professor Barbara Stoettinger
International Marketing & Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
November 2, 2012

We will be adopting this book as an optional text book. The cases in this text are a great supplement to the material we present in our course and will give the students a way to explore topics more in depth.

Ms Lea Pounds
College of Public Health; Health Promotion, Social and Behavioral Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center
October 12, 2012

This book should be used together with other text books. The presented cases is very useful to test the student's idea about their social marketing skills. However, as the world changing, ou should adjust some information before distributing to students.

Dr Teerasak Jindabot
Business Administration , Prince of Songkla University
June 27, 2012

This text provides both a theoretical and a practical perspective on social marketing and the wider social issues. The short format and current case studies are an excellent tool for small group discussion and theory application. The structure of the text makes it an ideal staff and student text and facilitiates independent learning.

Mr Paul Matthews
Business Administration , University College Birmingham
January 12, 2012

The book is very well written and very easy to read.
It has many case studies presented in a plain way, but with a comprehensive wide scope.

Professor Armando Mendes
Mathematical , University of Acores
November 21, 2011

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